I Should Upgrade My Solar Power Setup Soon To Help My Parents With Our Electric Bills🔆⚡💡🔌

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My Mother Posing With The Solar Power Control

My brother a few months back had set us up with our own solar power source. So he just gave us this and installed it himself while my father was the one who installed the lines for my room DC-powered electric fan and one light which uses an LED light, also DC-powered from the solar setup.

But my brother can only give us a used car battery where we can store the extra power that is collected by a single solar panel. Now the battery is dead and needs some replacement so it is my plan not to buy one car battery but multiple ones as well as multiple solar panels that could harness the power of the sun so that we could use it for our TV and maybe the refrigerator which is just small because of our family's size in this house.


It Would Be Better If We Do Not Rely On Electric Companies Anymore

Maybe by the time that I could afford to improve our solar power setup the prices of the panels would have gone down considerably and I expect it to be because of competition on making those kinds of products. I am not sure about the policy of our electricity provider if they are giving some incentive if we go on-grid, meaning any surplus electric power would contribute to the grid and then it will get counted to give us some discount on our electric consumption.

But anyway off-grid or on-grid it would be nice to have some extra power source which could power some of our electrical devices just for us to save some money to be used in other needs like food and medicines or vitamins. But the plan to upgrade my solar power is just on the table if of course I would get the extra funds for it. The cost of the batteries are prohibitive plus the solar panels as well so that thing must wait until I have settled some of my medical goals and then after that I would start to think about how I would do the solar power source upgrade.


Our Solar Power Upgrade Is In My To-Do List If God Wills It For Me

It is just amazing how we can source our power needs through greener sources. Now that the way to do it is relatively more affordable than the years passed, I hope that in this household we would get free from sourcing our rather expensive energy source from the power companies that does not care about its customers by charging them hideous electricity prices because they have the monopoly over giving the customers electricity service which is obviously not good for the common people.

So this came into my mind since it is here already had been setup for us. All I have to do is to upgrade it so that my parents would not worry about paying large sums of electrical bills in the future.

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Hi @cryptopie !
I am not sure that the car battery is good for this to be honest. And the batteries are quiet expensive for solar panels.

If you go ongrid that as far as i remember you should buy a new eletricity meter which should be estimated 5k in pesos.
Than that can check how much u upload and if you consume than they will cut some price from the bill.

Personaly i had a 3kwh solar inverter and 5 panels and this set up is gridtied. And it was 120k in pesos.

Also because the eletricity is quiet shit in the philippines it will be good if more and more people can install gridtied solar set ups so maybe one day the government will see that they should support it better then now.

The only problems in ph are just the typhoons. So it is better to mount it in a flat roof house or remove it if typhoon signal 3-5 is comming.

Have a blessed day mate and good luck with your plan.

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We are consuming about 1,200 pesos per month in with our electricity but it will be better to really cut most of our expenses since the power rate here is really cruel. @gabbynhice
Thanks for your ideas. :D


If your bill is just 1200 than i think even a small set up can help.
The 3 kwh inverter price is around 40k. And that is absolutly enought for your house. 1 panel if you buy a better quality is around 10k.
If you can afford than better to buy better quality than chinese brands. Also they are selling many fake solar panels in ph so better to buy it from trusted seller.

And the eletricity meter the new one for solar set ups as i told is 5k. This information is from the cagelco. Maybe it can be different in other places specialy closer to manila.

Just search on fb. There are a lot of sellers and just check who has the best offer.
I am not sure there are some options i think for instalment if you have pag-ibig.

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This sound very cool.. if I have home I go do same 👌👍


Yes it helps to shave off some of the electricity costs.


Yes it is true .. I think if tou have 20 panel and some batteries it can help lot there.

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