I Still Hope To Have Some Secure And Comfortable House Soon Because Our House Now Is Already Due For A Needed Fix๐Ÿก๐ŸŒณ๐Ÿช‘



I Can Feel The Excitement

I can still remember those moments where this house was being built, I am very young then, still a kid at five years of age and also having a puppy named as JP. I also remember my brothers washing the dishes to our rented house (which was a store) when our house was being built and at the back of it there is an artesian well that my brothers use to wash the dishes, but it was dark and also had this dog with glaring yes, it was scary but funny now as I am thinking of it right now.

I also remember visiting the old house while it is being demolished and we see this particular worker named as George sleeping while sitting and we laughed at him. I also remember the two workers which are quarreling because of a dispute in tiling the bathroom area. The other one has to redo it all over again for some reason.


My Siblings And I Was Still Very Young While Our House Was Being Built But I Can Remember A Lot Then

I also remember the house blessing where the priest showered the whole house with coins and one of our neighbor went to this room where I am staying solely picking the coins all by herself. It was one of those fun moments with this house.

But now it came to a point where this house is due for a renovation because it is not only old but also is getting submerged with water seeping through the cracks on the floor. Although the water is clear it is still dirty and of course who would not mind water in their living room, the bed rooms and the kitchen?


The House Blessing Was A Memorable Time As Well

That is one of the reasons that I am longing to at least renovate this house so that we can live in a safe, functional, tidy, and presentable house. I do not think that my siblings would bother in fixing this house because they have a place of their own to concentrate with and take care of. They would not benefit to anything in renovating this house considering that the money that is needed is not cheap and requires a big budget.

So now I am just hoping that soon I myself would be able to fix this abode once and for all just for us to live in comfort and not like this where I could feel the rays of the sun radiating from the ceiling because there is no insulation there to protect us from heat considering now that we do not have much air circulation in this house.


This House Now Is Due For A Needed Renovation At Least

That is also my plan, to have a good ventilation system in this house even though we do not get much fresh air because we are surrounded by many houses as well as being at the side of the road makes the air to be a little polluted especially when the factories would emit that nasty smell of fish food from the swine and chicken food factory.

But the insulation in the ceiling is a must so that we will not get affected much by the hot rays of the sun inside although I want it to be hot so that I could perspire and help my body release some extra fluids, salt, and possibly other chemicals from my skin.


The Proper Ventilation And Insulation Are The Defining Factors In The New House Plus That Sauna Function Of My Bathroom As Well

It also helps to sleep in the afternoon if it is relatively cooler without worrying much about the heat emanating from the ceiling. And of course I do want my own bathroom where I can possibly go into it without much help from my parents assisting me each and everytime I wanted to use the toilet.

My specification for the bathroom is just simple but I also want it to have a sauna area that I could also use to perspire and enjoy passing out my toxins through the help of some steam from some source. It is just so fun to think about that particular plan.


A Garden Of Fruiting Plans, Vines, And Tress Is Just What I Am Dreaming About

And of course I also wanted my own fruiting plants and tress garden. Now that I can possibly buy some grafted fruits and tress, I can immediately enjoy their fruits in my own garden beside this room of mine. So it should only have access from my room alone so that I myself can be the only one that can tend and care for my future fruiting trees.

Well it can only be a reality without the blessing from God so I hope when cryptos finally would perform better and leave me with a substantial amount to finally do something with this house I will do it keeping in mind that I still have to prioritize my medical needs because a good house is useless if my health is not managed and taken cared of.


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