My Dialysis Session Got Finished Without Much Of A Fuss Today And That I Am Truly Thankful🩸🌼👱🏻‍♂️



Surviving The Blood Cleaning

There is nothing compared to going to the dialysis center feeling bloated and toxic and after getting hooked-up after an hour or so I can feel that really wonderful cleaning action to my blood. You also feel like a balloon being let out with air from your body, the pressure is gone although not entirely for my case but nonetheless great enough to make me feel nice inside my body relatively.

My session went finished without much of a fuss and I just have to endure that discomfort of a low blood pressure towards near the end of my treatment. I of course didn't tell it to my nurses because they will just add extra fluid or saline solution to my body because of that. I just rode it off since my vision is not dimming yet and I am still not that light-headed as well.

blood pressure3.gif

My Low Blood Pressure Has Been Always My Issue And Not Hypertensive Crisis

But it is really different now because I always get that very low BP almost every time I would go for my treatment. It is indeed quite a peeve because it affects the quality of the cleaning action as the nurses would mitigate meaning they would add saline solution, decrease the scheduled extra fluid to be drawn out from my body, slow down the blood pump, and or set the machine to the minimum configuration.

My former nurses when my BP crashes they would pause the treatment, return my blood, and then resume it again after a while. These new nurses are different, if you are in a bad luck they would add 1 liter of saline solution in your body or stop the treatment altogether so it just makes me get angry when that happens because of course I will go home heavy and not substantially cleaned with my blood.


I Get Angry Inside Me When Complications Arise From Dialysis

Anyway I am happy again because I got dialyzed, it is another gift of an extension of life for me from God which forever I would be grateful. But there was a setback in going home because my BP got low enough at 110 systolic which is okay for me but not them so my nurses didn't let me go home until it is 120 systolic. Had I been able to walk I probably had scooted out from there already.

I don't know what happened into why my BP got a bit stable today, all I did was to eat my usual meal and I also took Paracetamol prior for my dialysis to help me with dealing with pain issues while being treated. That is all and my body just cooperated a bit. One unusual thing was that I wasn't able to enjoy my food as always, probably it is just too early in the morning or I am just spoiled y appetite because I at a pepperoni sandwich on our way to the dialysis center. So even though I was ruining my appetite I will continue to do that in order to make my BP stable during treatment.

eating woman.gif

I Always Eat Now Prior And During My Dialysis


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