Now I Am Breathless Again But Thankfully It Is My Dialysis Tomorrow Morning At 4:30 AM 🩸🧹⌚

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Getting Saved By The Bell Again

I am really due for dialysis now because I am full or waterlogged already and could breathe that easily again. This will be a trouble while I go for my morning bath tomorrow because it would mean that I will have to battle-out breathlessness with body pains and I just hope that the pain reliever that I took yesterday was still in effect for tomorrow's session.

I really hate now going for my session because it gets getting harder and harder to prepare myself just before leaving plus my parents aren't getting any younger and I am getting embarrassed already with them caring for me for my age. So it does suck being in this situation where the circumstances are not going very well for me.


I Am Like Fish Out Of Water When I Am Breathless

Anyway hopefully tomorrow my dialysis would save me again from this misery after dialysis takes away extra water from my system which will then lead to easement for my breathing. I am thankful that at least for now I could afford things that I needed to survive my medical condition which is very prodigal when it comes to expenses with time and money.

All I wanted now is just to have my treatment here at home if it is possible by a way of Peritoneal dialysis but my mother is just opposed to that idea because she is terrified with a tube sticking out from my belly telling me that I would not be able to endure it but I really wanted to try it for the sake of controlling the drawing of water from my body and not to rely it in nurses who are just always looking at the charts and not listening to my complaints.


Being Waterlogged causes My Blood Pressure To Raise Up

After dialysis my BP returns to its normal levels but I guess it gets higher by the time I get home. It will slowly rise adays go by because extra water in my system means extra load for my heart to pump which explains my high blood pressure in the 160's Systolic range when I reach near my dialysis days.

But my blood pressure gets very low in many instances, sometimes getting lower in the middle and not in the last few minutes which I do not like obviously as it disrupts the quality of cleaning That Ii receive as the nurses would adjust accordingly based on the numbers. They would adjust the blood pump making it slower or bypassing the drawing of water which is the setting that they call "minimum."


When My BP Crashes Sometimes My Nurses Will Set It To Minimum Which Affects The Clean Function To My Body

So whenever I am already hooked-up it is also accompanied by prayers, mainly just to avoid complications like that crashing BP issue that really comes from nowhere because sometimes I do not get to crash my BP and sometimes I do whether I already ate beforehand or not. It is just a mysterious occurrence that I do not really know what is causing it considering that I still have as I feel it have much extra water in my system.

It could be the efficiency of my dialyzer but I was also having my BP crashing down in many instances while using the regular lowflux dialyzer. So I am baffled by it and it makes me wonder why. That is why I am just using the power of prayer to at least make me survive dialysis without much the disturbance of complications that is also a cause of my misery.

Anyway I will get my needed dialysis for certain God-willing and at least it will make me fresh again inside and boosting my morale to tackle the day ahead which I am thankful for a million times over to God and also with the help of the steem community that keeps on being beside me with my battle in my life struggles. God bless you all.


There Is No Community Like STEEM That Far Exceeds My Expectations

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