Our Car Is Not Yet Fixed And We Just Needed It For Our Various Utilities πŸš—πŸ”§βœ‹πŸ»



When We Roll With Our Car It Rocks Me

I can't remember how exactly our former Taxi car had been bought but it is a Toyota Tamaraw 1995 Model and we bought it around 20 years ago for the reason of using it as a Taxi. That didn't make any profit when strife occurred in the operators so my father just abruptly sold the rights and bought an air compressor with a matching sprayer which he then torn the tip of it afterwards.

That is the shirt history of that car and it had been a family car afterwards. But it is really had been a very important part of my life because it was the car that we use to take me to and from the dialysis center and other places that I needed to go to and without the utility of it then my life would have been very difficult already.


Our Car Has Been My Ambulance All These Years Passed

My brother also uses it when he and his wife goes to the supermarket to buy their week's supply of their food. Sometimes my brother would just text my Father to pickup my sister-in-law to the supermarket So it is just a very useful vehicle for my family especially for me although that car really is difficult for me to ride in because of its very poor suspension.

I could really feel the tiniest bump on the road so it is hard for my back in that regards. In fact I would use my arms and my legs to support me when we get into bumps. But sometimes there are times that I would yell in pain when we go fast and then hit a pothole because my body could not really take that kind of beating anymore.


Our Car's Poor Suspension Really Is A Cause Of Torture For My Back Pain

That is why I wanted a different car already for the reason of comfort and maybe safety too for my back in particular because I might break some part of my backbone considering that I use it regularly for my dialysis session schedules. I remember that my father also fiddled around the suspension and afterwards the car had been a pain for me to ride.

But buying a car is in the last of my list to do because what is important is that we have a vehicle that is working that can take us at least from point A to pint B but without much comfort. What is my major peeve about my father is that he doesn't want to use the A/C so we end up feeling extra miserable come rain or shine.


During Rains The Windshield Would Produce Condensation If The Windows Are Closed

When it rains my father is busy wiping the condensation building-up on the windshield, it happens when you close the windows when it is raining so that you won't get wet but will make the windshield to fog. So it is for me a quite dangerous thing because your visibility is impaired. My father's reason for not turning the A/C on is that he says that it causes much fuel consumption and making the engine to get tired like it has a muscle which will get an ache once you turn on the A/C.

So in the other hand I do not want to buy an car for that matter because I wouldn't be able to enjoy the cool air inside and at the same time being protected from dust on the road. Not using the A/C would mean that dust would settle inside the car making it dusty and blackened by dirt build-up.


It Is An Extra Burden For The Engine When A/C Is Turned On

It is true that the engine will get burdened a bit if you turn on the A/C which can cause it to consume a bit of extra fuel and lose a bit of pulling power. But since my father is just obsessed with saving some fuel he would just sacrifice comfort and maybe safety too for a bit of money saved from not turning the A/C on.

It is just sucks for my father to think that way because it would just be a hot and dusty ride when the sun is hot and musty and damp if it is raining when he is the one behind the wheel.

So I might just contend with our old and worn-out and ridiculous-looking car and hope that it would not injure me during our trips to and from the dialysis center.


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