Pain Everyday Is Not Okay, It Is A Torture ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿฆด๐Ÿ’Š

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My Ribs Are Killing Me

I would lie down and roll unto my right side to sleep and then roll back unto my back to work on to my laptop which is beside my bed, I work and play while lying down too. Sounds easy right? No, no, and no, because my body is not normal, I am suffering from both back and rib pain not to mention all other painful joints in my body. I think my ear bones already had joined the "Pain party" because it is ringing like mad and I am glad that I am not mad already because of my ringing ear issue, it is a torture in itself too.

My rib pain I think is caused by a fracture already and as I have learned sneezing could also cause that which is why sometimes I tend to stop sneezing by not sneezing and now both coughing , sneezing , and gagging while cleaning out my tongue after brushing my teeth I tend to control because they cause me pain and grief already.


A Normal-looking Rib Cage

These pains just causes me to be just idle and not move at all here in my bed, I do not even try to go out anymore in the living room area to watch TV with my parents because it is just so hard both in getting up and walking to my worn-out camping chair even though it is just four meters away or so from my room.

I can still walk but the lesson that I have learned from going to the bathroom while my folks aren't around lead me to not doing it anymore because the short distance where I went just became the path of sorrow for me that day. I was able to go to the bathroom because I wasn't in pain much but going back to my room with the aid of a heavy Narra kitchen chair as my makeshift walker is a hell of a walk.


I Will Not On My Own Again, It Is A Pure Misery

In my mind I can do it but in reality my body begs me to just sit tight (or lay down tight) to my bed and don't do any movement because it is just painful. I am scared now for what the future holds because everyday or every passing month my bone just degenerates. That is why I am doing what I can to reverse the bone de-mineralization which is why I recently bought some Vitamin D3 and K2 in a hope that they would make a difference.

I also am continuing to take my Cinacalcet so that it would tame my wildly Hyperparathyroidism which was supposedly triggered by my hyperphospahataemia which I am controlling by taking phosphate binders. These medicines and vitamins are not cheap so I am just grateful and thankful that at least for now I could afford them as long as I can earn from blogging and such.

I do hope that steem would go up with its value soon so that I could receive a much better treatment for my case. I wanted to live a pain-free life at least because it is not good at all, it isn't funny anymore and even my funny bones are aching too because of these bone complications from being a long term dialysis patient. May God help me.


I Have Too Much To Bear, Too Heavy Already ANd Wondering When I Would Crack And Give Way


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I can't even imagine how tough it must be to be in so much pain and I'm sorry and it makes me very sad to see you in so much pain, but I will not give up and will keep on praying for your healing.

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I always appreciate your prayers and all your support with al my heart @joalvarez and i am forever thankful that I have a friend like you that understands my situation in life. Take care now.
God bless and keep you.