Blog post changing colour?!?!?!

2년 전


This is something that I havent noticed before on my blog. One of the posts that I resteemed was greyed out. When I scroll over top of the post, it changes from grey to black!

I have two resteemed blogs in the video, but this only happens to one of them.

I know a link that you have already followed will turn from black to grey, but this isnt that. Even the image of the post changes from gray to coloured! It actually changes when I hover over top to it.

Has anyone ever seen this? or know why this happens?
The post isnt flagged, I am stumped.....

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It appears to me you have this user muted.


Ah, you are correct.
I must of muted them by accident.
Thanks for catching that!

Something is going on with steemit today

No profile pics are showing for me

So perhaps the gray appearance also due to whatever is happening ?


just change image size become less pixel

Steemit is real funky today. No profile pics. Also, I've seen some double posts from people that are pretty experienced steemit users.

I have noticed a couple of issues of recent with such things as Avatars not showing, but this one may well be that you accidentally Muted thebugiq, that happened to me once


Correctimundo @tattoodjay, I knew bigdaddyview still loved me lol


Sorry :(


lol not a worry, I did that myself haha


That is exactly what happened. Never muted anyone before so didn't know that is how their posts looked