Price Analysis: Resolve Already! STEEM Price Analysis The Flag Continues

5년 전

A quick peek at the STEEM/BTC pair where we see continuation of the two week old bull flag. Because of the slope of the pennant the pattern should resolve this week, are you ready?
Keep calm and Steem On!

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@dashpaymax okey thank you for your analysis, let us know it in the next few weeks


I'll definitely check in before then, thanks for watching!

Good quick analysis. I would say that some of the downward trend also has to do with the ETH and ETC debacle. There's no clear answers short-term which is going to win the most support, but it's looking like ETH will hold strong as I expected. Mainly to due with large corporations backing the coin.

This madness has been a contributing factor the decline in STEEM price, and as you mentioned, in a week (when the ETH and ETC should start cleaning up), we should expect STEEM to kick back into an upward motion.

However, there's always the possibility that this trend continues downward even further. I remember not long ago STEEM going from 50 cents to $5. So that pump may have not provided enough support for this kind of pricing we're seeing. Still, long-term STEEM is a winner. Thanks for sharing!

The video is broken for me. @2:05 minutes into the video the voice track starts again... Not a single person has mentioned this in the comments. Otherwise great video, enjoy your work.

nice analysis
great post!
thank you info analysis @dashpaymag

Excellent analysis ,thank you. I'll be following.

I like your video and your thoughts. I have been watching this for a week and looking to get into trading Steem.

Can you let us know what charting software your using in the video. I can't seem to find a good charting software that follow the Cryptocurrency.

Good review.

Thanks in advance ....

· is a good charting website


I have been using the Tradingview... I was curious what the one in the video is. Thank You jholmes


Hi, the first graph was from Bittrex, but the second and the one I prefer is TradingView. They have the most Altcoin pairs and good charting software. Thanks for watching!


You have a new follower.

Why do I sometimes have the feeling that my investment is just used to pay out people posts, and is inevitably going down .... Please give me some reason to not loose hope ...

Thanks for the heads up!

What exchange would you recommend trading STEEM/USD or STEEM/BTC?

steem will hit 3.4 dollars in coming days my prediction

buy buy buy

  ·  5년 전

.0029 stop loss with a support level of .003 while holding long? No way! That's just asking to exit your position! lol

You know there's going to be some algo bots running stops all day long before it goes higher if the bull flag holds.

I enjoyed your post, but man, crypto is hard to chart! Especially in such early stages.

Remember the first time BTC went to $1,000 USD?

It fake broke all support levels and went down to like $60 USD from $300 USD (Something like that), then came the RIP YOUR FACE OFF RALLY to $1,000 USD.

Anyway, nice video & thanks for posting!

This is good analysis. Thank you