Price Analysis: STEEM Bull Flag The Final Hours

5년 전

We have been tracking the bull flag pattern in STEEM for over two weeks now, and resolution is in sight. Will we break north or will the bull fizzle?

Keep calm and Steem on!

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Great explanation once again! keep'em comin:)

Steem prices will continue to weaken, everyone here will continue to sell.


but i think community will make it better , even still depends from each person


I don't sell. I hold. I want to keep Steemit stable.

I appreciate your posts, and the time you put in. It's good content to have. I'd recommend if you don't use MACD or RSI to just close them, so it's easier to see, although I do think the MACD is helpful, and some EMAs. RSI is a bit misleading, but stochastic RSI many prefer. There may be not enough data, because 12, 26 periods so on the lower time frames would work.

Great analyss, i'm bull too and count on the same support! i've sold at 550~ and just bought back at 340, till the moment all good :D

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Pretty new here, is it everyone selling Steem that is causing this continuous drop?


yes exactly

Nice info, good Post. Thanks @dashpaymag
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This is just beginning and want to create a huge and creative community.

Just got involved in steemit, what's causing the down swing of steem currently?

Woooooot! Masternodes are looking pretty hawt right now.

👍great info....

I wish would add Steem soon, its so exciting watching 1 minute charts instead of polo's and bittrex's 5min ones.

Now is a good time to buy.

The longterm outlook is very bad for STEEM price, the price should weaken to 0.25 cts in the next 2 month.

Thanks for keeping us updated! Great analysis as always, we're all watching and hoping that flag will resolve!