I am betting big on Steem and SBD, the future is bright

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Taking the contrarian bet when all seems to be going in the other direction could be painful or big winner. The narrative have been set that Steem has seen its best days with very little to come, now that Justin Sun is at the head. Some might even point to Justin Sun as all hype and no substance but some of portfolio excites and interest me. These include Dlive, BitTorrent, Samsung collaborations, Steemit and Poloniex just to name a few. Even if that does not excite you, one cannot ignore the fact that its USDT (Tehther) holding on the Tron blockchain is now over 1 billion dollars. Add more fuel to this rocket ship, the Tron foundation has been working closely with dapps building varying gaming and decentralized applications.

Nonetheless, I understand why the crowd may be looking at Hive, its token price has largely outperform Steem on several metrics and that I agree. It continues to trade two-times the value of Steem and on one instance over three-times the value of Steem. The Steemit platform has gone through its post winter hardfork but I sense all this could change if Steem manage to gain some momentum. As we approach another hardfork, we likely to see how things unfold, it could get much better or it could get worse, only time would tell.

For now, I am going to be the contrarian, my bets are that Steem recovers some ground on Hive and Steemit platform gains some momentum again. I certainly like to see Justin Sun promoting Steem much more and doing his part to keep awareness of the Steem blockchain going. I hold firm that the future is bright, who knows, probably we see 0.0001 BTC soon or even 1 USD per coin. Opportunity favors the brave

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Big as in like $100 or 2?


My holding is actually split among accounts and exchange, I have been around Steem blockchain long enough to know that you have to spread your Steem around especially given how some may view your stance and make ones life miserable.

Quite frankly, its time to move on, I support the upcoming hardfork, lets see how its plays out, I have place my bets and lets see how it works out. So far Hive seem to be ahead and doing well, lets see how it goes. This hardfork should have meaningful impact given the sell pressure associate with those accounts

Steem is now an unregulated security because it is centralized. The safe bet is to sell one's stake.