Steem team should make the most of Twitter drama and ADVERTISE to the World why Steemit platform is the best place to be.

6개월 전

Steem team should make the most of Twitter drama and "advertise" to the World why Steemit platform is the best place to be. The concept of incorporation social media and cryptocurrency continues to live on the Steem blockchain, its a battlefield tested proof of brain that continues to shine. While there has been a lot of drama on varying social platform regarding the recent developments especially on Twitter, I see an opportunity to take Steem to the next level. It's important that Steem team remain focus, the hardfork was activated as consensus was reach by witnesses. Now is the time to on-board new users and sort out partnership. Make the most of drama and attention created. Showcase the new path for Steem going forward. Test every limit of this blockchain and engage developers to get on board.

Rise to the challenge, seek out new partners, engage content creators, and most importantly form a bridge between Steem blockchain and Tron blockchain. I believe Tron foundation can lay the ground work for IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication), its also an excellent time to start a mass Twitter campaign of "Come on the Steem blockchain, write about your CovID-19 experience and earn the most talk about cryptocurrency Steem". Engage the research community currently working on CovID-19, its an extremely large community on Twitter, let Steem be the place where they share their insights. I would recommend that Steem Team, should set up a special account to curate this content, because it would take a certain level of skill set and understanding to interpret this kind of work. I volunteer my service in that regard.

Overall, now is the time to make the most of these opportunities. The Steem token needs some love and lift as well, its one of the bragging rights Hive has and always allude to Twitter. Nonetheless, as with everything, once projects gain momentum and upward price action, the masses tend to follow and speculate. Good times are ahead, its time to drive Steem higher.

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