Where is Steem and Steemit heading?

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Where is Steem and Steemit heading?

This is one of the question I often ask myself lately as I try be more efficient with the use of my time. Given all the drama and development that has taken place on and around the platform over the last couple of weeks, I want to ensure my time isn't wasted. I have scale back on the amount of time I spend on the platform and with the community on discord and telegram where I engaged with the Steem community. Steem has been a great tool for me to meet and engage with several like minded people in the past, some of which I now call friends and work with on several other projects I am currently involve in but much of those folks have now moved on. I was never really a big earner on the platform, I had one or two blogs that went viral here and there but consistency of doing that was never my strength.

One of the things that bothers me is where I get support for my blogs if much of my network on the platform here that use to support me is gone. Should I continue to put in effort and time to write a blog or would the present community engage and curate outside their own friends and community. I have taken a pull back to reflect and take note of where the project is heading, looking at the overall price of Steem and SBD, is it still worth the time. Much of the action where I trade on HitBTC is gone, the SBD/BTC market is also dead and SBD/BTC market on Bittrex has also gone silent. There are periodic activity in Steem/BTC market on HitBTC and Bittrex but much of it seem to spikes without much volume and large dumps on volume down. This is certainly not the kind of market you want to get caught in.

I probably continue to write some periodic blogs here and there as I try to get my thoughts out but for the first I am seriously evaluating whether my time here is worth the sweat.

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