Lets go VIRAL

4년 전


Steem is already viral but lets change gears!

Why not pay people who bring new users into the platform, using newly minted steem?

Be warned, I am still learning this and I might be late for the game, yet:

While the platform gives some initial steem for everyone who joins, why not also pay the person that invited them?
Nowadays I am talking a lot about this platform. I don't want anything for it but there are people who would be very interested in getting paid for bringing new people.

Look at DASH. They are paying 20$ for every new user. The recent price hike I think is related to that campaign. People holding their phones and taking a picture of themselves. Awesome marketing.

We can invite others using a special link for us, and then anybody joins using that link will be a plus.
3% of newly minted coins can go to inviters.

This platform will rock & shake & shatter!

There were several discussions about this by @good-karma @cryptoctopus @jrcornel @denmarkguy and others.

What do you think?

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I like the sound of this idea although I'm not sure how it would turn out.

I'm always my crypto interested friends to join the steemit community and although this doesn't help them directly it could help them once they've joined.

Does anyone have a better understanding of how this would effect the market?

Ive been wishing their was a referral program for a minute. Idk if it would work but some friends of mine have been coming around would be cool to be able to start them off with "a little more" give them some kind of incentive to make the switch from other sites.

Steemit is pretty awesome. 😏

Sounds like a smart idea 🤓

This is my first post i did on steemit when i joined . Same mindset on this one :)


Yeah it deserves to be first post