Deegram dev update 004, alpha updated and the next build features

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Hello Steemians!

It's time to update you all on what's going on with Deegram these days, and we're really glad for the feedback and input we're getting from the Steem community. Together we will bring Steem to the masses!

In our last development update, we talked about some features that were being tested and prepared for the alpha, all the changes listed there are now live for every tester. To each and every one of you; thank you for your continued support. Every single new user and new post we see on Deegram brings joy and smiles to our faces, this is what we've been working for, for so long.
If you didn't read our last development update, you can find that here if you are interested.

Next features

We shortly mentioned the next features we were looking on, and we're glad to say that we have already prepared some of these and they are now being tested by our internal test group, and will soon be ready for all our users!

What's fixed

  • Resolved some bugs reported by users. For instance the full post view should now be more stable and feed is more stable

What's new

  • Seeing comments on posts

    • In the full post all comments on the post are now loaded, including replies to other comments
    • Comments show the author, a timestamp, the comment text and the payout value (rewards)
  • A wallet view to show account balance

    • For Steem, SBD and Steem power
    • Sums up your Steem, Sbd and SP and gives you total account balance based on live exchange rates
  • Can claim rewards from the wallet view

  • Settings page, probably the least exciting addition right now, but there is more to come

    • A page with links to terms of service, our privacy policy and our use of open source libraries
    • This is the beginning of the settings page. The next steps here are to add profile editing and application settings.

Coming soon

We are now testing these new modules internally and checking the general stability of the app, and once we have met our criteria we will sign, publish and distribute the update to all the alpha testers in a few days.

What's to come?

So where do we shift our attention now? Well, the answer is we don't shift all that much. Some of these additions are not fully completed in terms of desired functionality, so we will work on improving them, receive feedback on how they are experienced, and then do the necessary changes. The rationale behind publishing features and modules rapidly is to receive feedback and test qucikly, and perform iterative improvements based on feedback. This is to make sure we design new features the way you want them, and to get your input as quickly as possible on what we're doing.

So, to the point, generally the new things we will be working on:

  • Comments

    • See votes and vote on comments
    • Adding the functionality to post comments
    • Adding the functionality to reply to comments
  • Wallet view

    • Adding tooltips and an "about" section to describe the wallet
    • What is Steem, what is SBD, what is Steem power, what is savings?
    • A desired and valuable addition for users that are new to Steem, we want to communicate and educate on them on how Steem works.
  • App settings

    • Whichever settings we can store locally for a single user or device.
    • E.g. Default vote power % for upvotes/double tap to upvote (Thanks to @sergiomendes for the input on this one)
    • We are open to more ideas and input, as always!
  • Profile settings

    • Edit display name
    • Edit bio/about, location, website, etc.
    • Edit profile image / cover image

    Some changes to existing features we would like to make in the near future:

    • Updating the profile GUI and improve loading time
    • Filtering of posts, e.g. gallery grid view of your images, resteem/own post filter
    • Look at image cropping / customization and post preview in the upload process

Roadmap, when can you expect changes?

The ones we are now testing internally will, as mentioned, soon be published. When it comes to the coming features, these will be announced when we consider them ready for internal testing some time before they are released to our alpha testers.

Thank you for all your support and feedback, and thank you reading!

Do you want to take part in the Alpha? Let us know in the comments or contact us on our Facebook-page and we will get you set up!
If you have any feedback or input, please let us know!

Best regards,
The Deegram team

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Keep the good stuff coming 😉👍 and thank you for the shoutout when it comes to my suggestion ❤️

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Thank you, and we will! Of course, we are always happy to receive feedback, credit where credit is due!

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