Deegram development update - music,video, tags and more. Question to the community: Which feature do you want to see in Deegram?


Hello Steemians!

A new update for the Deegram app will be gradually be rolling out this weekend, and we hope you enjoy some of the new features and improvements we have applied.


Discover music, videos, tags

From the discover tab you can now also explore music, videos and browse any tag.
Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xʀ - 2019-08-23 at 15.50.42.png

The music section gives you a selection of genres and popularity to choose from. A basic audio player is integrated to allow you to listen directly from the app.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xʀ - 2019-08-23 at 15.51.48.png

You can now browse any tag by entering them in the search bar in the "browse tags" category.

User tags and clickable category tags

Recognized usernames in posts will now be shown as "mentions" in the post, and you can click to go to these profiles directly. When you click on tags in a post you will be navigated to the browse tags feed for the selected tag.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xʀ - 2019-08-23 at 16.11.44.png

Navigation from notifications

You can now do some navigation from notifications. If you click on usernames, you will be sent to their profile, if you tap anywhere on the row, you will be sent to the post that the notification is for.

Improved markdown parsing

Due to content from other platforms (mainly for the blog format) we have done some improvements to the markdown parsing on the mobile app to make it more pleasant to consume on Deegram. The text is cleaner, and you will now be able to click tagged links, and the post body will load images from URLs.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xʀ - 2019-08-23 at 15.50.13.png

iPhone X customization

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone Xʀ - 2019-08-23 at 15.48.31.png

Iphone models that has the on-screen home bar should now see extra padding at the bottom to prevent it from being on top of the navigation bar. For other devices there should be no changes.

Apart from this there have been minor updates to the GUI, specifically the feed, and some color adjustments for some iOS components.

That's the news, for now, stay tuned for the update coming out and Steem on!

Is there any feature / functionality you would like to see in Deegram? What would you like to see, and what would make Deegram the app for you? Let us know!

Best regards,
The Deegram team

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I would like to see local storage of the posting key and protection of the app through a pin.
It is annoying to login everytime through steemconnect.

voting function to prematurely re-elect presidents and dissolve totalitarian governments and empires

I’m interested in playing around with the app, but unfortunately it’s still insta-crashing on me following Steem Connect authentication in iOS.


Oh, sorry to hear that! Could you check which build number you are on in testflight?


I’m in 0.7(0.29) and I don’t readily see an update option, although I’m not very “TestFlight savvy!” I haven’t tried reinstalling from scratch actually, so perhaps I should!
Just deleted and installed via the TestFlight link in this post, seems to be same build number, crashing right at startup - no login/Steemconnect. I’m on an iPhone X running 12.4 if it helps for the bug reporting!


Thank you! I will have a look at this asap. Which language / region is your device?


You’re welcome, I’m glad if it’s any help. I just keep checking in on it to see if it’s stabilized for me. I completely understand the early hurdles! I’m in the US, English language.


It’s very helpful! Thank you for the information. I will try to see if I am able to reproduce and fix this for the next update. Thank you for your patience!

  ·  작년

Hi, not sure what has changed but the application is now suddenly crashing when i'm trying to launch it.

Tried clearing the cache and reinstalling the app but the issue persists on my P20 pro. My android is set to english localization.

App version is 0.7 according to the android settings.


Hi @ikthe ! We are working on an update to resolve this quickly. We have been having some trouble with a node this weekend, it should be resolved very soon! Sorry for this. Meanwhile you can check out if you would like, that should be fully operational again!

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