Steemit is dying place. Viva la Hive!

7개월 전

Steemit is dying. Now on the Hive, you can earn 4x whatever you'll get here. Price is going to shrink even further as people are powering down. You all Steemians know that what happened here with Sun wasn't fair and is not going to help this ecosystem. You all know that, but you hoped his bags of money are going to take Steem to the moon. It's understandable. But now it's visible clearly. The value in a blockchain project doesn't come from one rich guy who takes over control in an authoritarian way, no. It comes from an engaged, vital community. You are excused for your mistakes. Come to the Hive, power-down, and sell useless Steem tokens and create free, truly decentralized social media.

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Hello thank you for that heart!!
God bless you abundantly
I wanna Join Hive