Blocktrades and Bitcoin Cash

3년 전

I've logged onto my Coinbase account several times over last 2 days and tried to send BCH here to buy Steem link. I want to invest here because I love this platform so far and want to learn and meet some other investors. It says invalid address. Is there something I am missing or does Coinbase and Bitcoin Cash not work on transfers using Blocktrades? Any help I would appreciate as I am trying to buy some Steem and power up. Please help if you can.

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I bought my steem with bch from a bitpay wallet, no problem. I'd suggest converting your bch for btc... hope that works for you

Thanks mikeduck. That's exactly what I did. In the end I just converted some coin to Bitcoin and sent it over. I just did a test and sent 11 Steem to my wallet here. No problems at all. Within 10 minutes I had 10.44 Steem and powered it up. Guess my upvote still only .01 lol but I did upvote you brother.logosteem.png