Joe Parys STEEMIT 2.0 VIDEO COURSE review

3년 전

I wanted to write a honest review of Joes course. I am getting older now and a little behind on the latest tech as my kids tell me. I have traded crypto now for 9 months and done well or been lucky one. I think my past stock trading helped a little but very little. I am brand new to steemit and my first day here I was confused on a lot of thing such as buying Steem, how to blog, how we get paid, Dtube etc. WELL I am proud to say after watching Joe's course for free as he promised using his code I am 100 percent satisfied and feel much more comfortable here in the steemit community. I recommend this course to all NEWBIES here and probably the old hands as well. Having trained 100s of agents in my past business in the debt collection industry I think I know a thing or two about training. Joe explains step by step the basics of this community and how to navigate around the community in a simplified manner that even a 12 year old child can comprehend. I just wanted to review the course and tell everyone else here in the community that its around 2 hours of time well spent. I am so very thankful to find and guys like Joe and others so helpful and willing to help. I am all about community service and this place has me more excited by the hour. Thanks Joe Pary for a well put together easy to understand course.
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