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On day 3 here at and bought my first Steem. I had never used before so just did a 11 Steem transfer to make sure I understand exactly how it is done. I can tell you after trying to use BCH, and the Polo Steem wallet being down the last 3 days I did it the ole fashioned way. I converted some coins over to BTC on a current dip and transferred here to Steem. Within 30 seconds blocktrades had it pending. 11 Steem is not much to power up, but now that I have figured out the process I can do a bigger transaction. I look forward to powering up and being able to reward the community. I have learned so much in the past 3 days here reading all the wise posts. I love this community so far. From a pure investment look I also happen to think Steem is a great investment. I will be converting 10 percent of my crypto portfolio to Steem later this morning. I just wanted to do a small transaction to make sure I had the procedure down. Thanks Steemians for all the great content and I hope I will be able to also contribute to this community. I love helping other people anytime I can. Steem to the MOON!logosteem.png
Transaction Details
Transaction State
Time (local)
2018‑01‑31 07:17:03
Input Amount
0.00497671 BTC
Output Amount
10.044 STEEM
Sent to Address

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It looks like you have transferred the Steem correctly. I have included the transactions below.

7 hours ago Transfer 5.044 STEEM POWER to democratsonly
8 hours ago Transfer 5.000 STEEM POWER to democratsonly
8 hours ago Receive 10.044 STEEM from blocktrades


Yes sir. That was a test. Us old guys have harder time learning new tech. I will send some more now. Thanks for the reply kind sir.

Congratulations and welcome to Steemit! 😊


Thank you very much @innerstellar. I have been looking for something to keep me enthused and busy. This platform is it.


That is great! It has taken me a little to figure out how to create here. But, I think I am just now getting the hang of it. lol! It will definitely keep you busy, and there are plenty here to keep you inspired. Have a great rest of yoour day or evening. 😊