Warning: Scammer/Spammer

3년 전

Warning to all my new friends at Steemit. In the past 24 hours I was watching popular LiveStreams with Decentralized TV and also heard Crypto sniper when someone posts in comments sections of Youtube using the hosts exact logo and username offering 400 percent guarantee within 3 days and giving coin addresses. It's obviously not the channel hosts but could easily fool the newbie or even a oldie if you didn't know any better. These are not typical spams. They are using exact same logos and usernames. Just be careful if you view or watch a popular Youtube channel that you do not fall for any type 400 percent guarantee offers. I knew that it was not Peter of the channel but could tell from the comments some couldn't tell the difference. Just be careful that you check with site owners before sending any of you're precious bitcoin, Eth, Steem or any other currency. I thought it was a one time thing but have saw it on a couple more bigger platforms today. Be careful out there guys and happy investing. Thanks to my new followers and upvotes. I have been here now 20 hours and love STEEM and Steemit.com.

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