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Wow. Time run fast. Congrat on that milestone

Time flies. It will be 3 years for me in a few weeks and it's been a blast. Two trips to Steemfest where I was amazed at how many people knew who I was. The community is still pretty small and it will be interesting if/when it grows substantially. Definitely one of the most interesting things I've been a part of and I have played with a lot of online communities.

Steem Grandpa :D

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Congrats @demotruk :)

Congrats man! That's quite the milestone. I'm approaching 2 years in around 3 weeks. It's crazy seeing how much has changed on steem.

I wonder if the saying: 'the good old days' applys to steem. It's not a popular opinion around here at the moment, but I have to be honest, I had a much more productive, interesting time on steem in late 2017 and all throughout 2018. So far this year, I've seen a real drop off in users and engagement. Looking on the bright side I guess there is a village feel now. Where everyone works together, and the degrees of separation are much smaller.

Anyway, I'll quit with my musings.

Happy 3rd steem birthday 🎂👍🙂


I feel at home in the village but do miss that $$$ city life feel :D


I don't mind sleeping under a hedge if the view is nice. The reality is that steem is still like a nice quiet village with lovely country views, especially when compared to the dystopian mega city of pollution that is Facebook.

Congrats @demotruk. Steemit is very great platform. Steemit is also helpful platform and also bear our expenses. Thats so good you still here. Steem is very much better than facebook.

I'm glad you are still around and must have some hope for better times with regards to developments and price?


All the advantages we have had over competing networks are slipping away. I think the only argument in favor of holding Steem today is the contrarian argument.


That's a brutal assessment.
It rings true.

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Why feel weird? Because of the price? I think we should wait some more time, everything will be okay.

Btw Congratulations.

A weird congrats to the weird feeling ;)

Congratulations dear @demotruk. And i wish to Stay connected with the Steem and get a high position in growth and reputation.

So you started with them way back in 2016, What you think about the steem price? Share you thoughts? Do you think it will rise again?

Congrats. It can really feel weird.

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You were quite early to join. Happy birthday. 🍰