Mysterious grandmother



a continuation

Sasha turned around to return to the cabin and suddenly he saw a figure of an old woman half a meter away from him.

Jumped from fear and surprise. In the hands of the old woman was a stick with a bell tied to its end. Her hand trembled a little, the bell barely audible, it sounded dumbly.
“Take away the flashlight ...” the old woman said in a low, weak voice, like a rustling wind.
Sanya listened to the fear, cut out the flashlight.

  • Who are you? He finally asked.
    “You don’t remember me, it’s for the best,” the old woman answered. “You, Sasha, go ahead, there the arrow was carelessly transferred.” Now the dispatcher will tell you to add speed, and the trouble will be great ...
  • How do you know where? - he continued to be surprised.
    Suddenly hears, creaking, crackling, hissing ... Voices. Eyes opens, falls asleep for a minute turns out.
    On the radio dispatcher calls. Requests to reduce the arrival time by as much as 20 minutes. The assistant also woke up, and the dispatcher heard.
    Sanya instead of speeding up the composition, hit the brakes. He took the crowbar, jumped off on the way, went ahead.
    Everything is like the old woman said, the arrow is stuck, and then the rails are torn further, death is certain. picked up, turned the arrow, and returned to the , reading prayers.
    Then Sanya finished the story, sighed and said:
  • I rememry was told to me by an old friend over a glass of tea. Claims that she happened to him personally about 10 years ago. He himself is a medium-sized entrepreneur. Not an oligarch, but nevertheless not a loser. Owns a small desk with a staff of about 50 people. Serious enough and pragmatic about life. Family Children. In short, these are not at all prone to mystification.bered later, where the old woman saw that. This is my grandmother, she died when I was 5 years old.
    I believe him, I do not know why, but I believe ...
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