Steemjet World Cup – Day 15 – Introducing the Steemjet Dance Crew

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You have heard all the excuses.

  • My time is expensive because I am such a hard working man

    @engrbrain1 (SF7)

  • My day job is literally killing me


  • I’m sorry I was drunk

I have apologized for being dim so many times that the only followers that I have left are the people I pay to upvote me.

@steemedi proposed hiring some steemjet dancers.

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Funding the website will be a good option.
Permit me to diverge here, at this point, the steemjet media team feels ignored. We had visions and drew the blueprint for the steemjet community to see even as we worked towards them but seems our effort isn't noteworthy.


Sir voting as one of the criteria for funding isn't much advisable, because maybe the person who won't get the upvote has something more valuable for the steemjet community and we won't know.
Also it will bring about corruption too because some people might or just get some individuals to upvote them and at the ends they win.

But then sir, the steemjet media has been doing a good job lately, and I would like you to look into their proposal.

I would be glad if you do so. And expect something from my part too soon, it's cooking up.



With the coming of SMTs, a website is more viable!!!!!!


up with the weight, funding the website to ensure global adoption is a goal for me, it is very important, it's long term, anything we save there is there forever, any data we out there is saved in the clouds, the website is a very important tool I must say, let's find it sir!

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Funding and Hiring are not totally the same, you can fund the website for which when implemented and well structured will accept the articles produced by the hired dancers and other artistes.

So for me, website will be like the tree while dancers and other artists will the branches and the leaves that dances while the wind blows.

The dancers and other artists will be featured on the website, so simultaneously, both would deliver quality services to a grater numbers!!!!!

@dimimp, You call me 1. Michelangelo Jackson (M(b)J) and 2. Elvis Presley(Mbj Elvis during when my picture was used for the biggest meme in the whole world without compensation , Lol I am just kidding )both are the world Rock stars, which means you like dancers too, so the website and the steem blockchain will be the billboard.

I recalled this....hahahaha. The boss version

#SF-1 @mbj
on the wings of superstars, we are word and steem!!!


I go with this.. Let's fund the website..
Very instrumental move in our global adoption campaign


I say fund the website first. With a working website we can easily redirect newbies who have questions about SteemJet and Steem in general. All other things can definitely wait if we are serious about global adoption. Honestly not everyone is into music/dance but almost everyone will be into STEEM once they heard about its potential to change lives. I say focus on the website first before doing other things.
~Just my humble opinion.


The website is a long term supporter of our goal- global adoption of steem.
I say yay to this!


While it is good to party hard, we must not forget that after party, we all need to go home for a rest.
I believe the dancing crew is the party while the website is HOME.
It will therefore be proper to build a home first where we can come back to after the party than party without having a home to return to.

Therefore,my vote goes to funding the website first.

Cheers 🍻


I go with the website it will go a long way.
As a source to promote everything we have worked for.
Like a mark on the sand of time.


Funding the website will be the best for now sir.


Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings


It will not be a bad idea projecting the both. though @dimimp's decision stays.


Longterm projects first
Dribbles, passes, tackles.... all matters in the field of play but the aim call it result is the goal.
Fancy the football, get all the ball possessions without the goal(ball in the net) all is void. The goal gives you trophie. Let's not deviate from the goal
I rep #gamedept
I vote for funding of the website to ensure global adoption


The website should be funded in order to pursue steem global adoption. At least we know that this aim would be achieved easily through the website.


@dimimp with the drop in price of steem , I think what we need now is way to promote steem for global adoption which facilitates.
I know dancers too have a way of promoting steemit but having to choose btween them and the website, hiring of dancers can come later.


We can really notice that both options are important for the community, however, I see that you must decide initially for one. So, I believe that as a first step for the promotion and adoption of Steem, the website should be financed so that it serves as a visibility strategy to the world and also the portfolio of Steemjet's creations.





Boss, the website would really be a welcomed development as it would help promote steem and ensure global adoption but then again we are super stars and we like to party.

Wish we could do both.


Hello boss @dimimp, i've sent a lot of texts and comments on your blog post but you don't really seem to check it out. I guess proably you busy and all that. This is actually a call to be a member of the space force (sf) team.

Why do i say that?

Well as we all know, the steemjet is a moving train without any brakes! well i'd love to be a part of this train and this is because i have realized that i could assist a lot of burdensome works that other members might be facing. I can also be training and lecturing new members who just came onboard on the blockchain with some helpful tips they need to know about stee, since the steemjet is all about steem and words i think they need to know that to.

Earlier this year i and some couple of friends began a little outreach at the Rivers state of science and technology school, and it was successful with the images below.

We actually ran out of funds and couldn't proceed.

So with the steemjet community, i hope we could get your support and also be a part of the sf members and do great things that will take the steemjet community to the next level. Thanks for reading my post sir.



Nice and inovative. I am very happy we are looking forward, ahead of current time. Sir i think this might interest you.


I'm team FUND THE WEBSITE! Yeah I love to party, but that's a step after the victory...


Good way to go, I Support


Sir @dimimp, glad to see the official website of this great community ready.

Sir @dimimp, I've been trying to reach you through various comments, greetings to you from Nigeria. Sir, I would like you to check my project out and support or sponsor us. Here's the proposal;

The vision was solely born to improve user participation on steemit and help teach minnows how to succeed here and ultimately in real life while fostering a global steem adoption through massive offline campaigns.

We teach minnows the true essence and meaning of blockchain technology. Our mission is to raise a wave of entrepreneurs leveraging on the steem blockchain as they make life more comfortable for someone else.
We achieve this through a double phase project;

PHASE 1: we in this phase train some minnows at our offline hub to help attain self-sustenance. These minnows will then work with us as team, reproducing other minnows. Currently, we have just wrapped up with phase 1. And phase 2 which is more demanding kicked off last week.

PHASE 2: this basically is the core of the vision and where the absolute idea lies and it goes as follows;
• SKILL ACQUISITION PROJECTS: where various skills will be taught to foster emergence of new entrepreneurs.
• THE MINNOW SCHOOL TALENT HUNT: we greatly hope to give minnows who are not really gifted writers but have other gifts such as singing, painting, dancing, acting a platform to express themselves and get their creativity beyond their minds. Basically, we are giving these young people a voice.
• THE MINNOW SCHOOL ART/MUSIC EXHIBITIONS: where gifted young people will get to showcase their talents and the value they have to offer to the community. We will be sponsoring art projects and professional music careers with this.

Sir, I deeply hope you can sponsor us as we reletlessly promote steemit offline using great strategies. Please watch the clips below to understand the scope of the project better. Support like delegation to encourage these new steemians spread the word to their family and friends would greatly help. Also, some liquid steem to fund most of these initiatives. You have the money sir but we have the time for now.

An offline Open-mic sessio;

One of our own

Our offline campaigns


Voted and resteemed


Please fund the website... We aint doing nothing with dancers here. This is serious business.


My thought exactly.


I'm with the technical things first we can stand on iur feet then we can celebrate as we wish.(though i believe I'm a good dancer hahah)

  ·  2년 전

Great idea with the website too.

good to know it existed.


Yes, Fund the website because through a website most people can learn about the Steemjet and Global Steem Adoption so i will prefer to fund the website <3

STEEMJET: On the wings of Superstars We are words and Steem



As a member of the technical department, I guess we all know what I'll be voting for.

Yes, the website should be the focus of course. Our website is the first place new members can be introduced to. After going through the process of on boarding new members, we don't need to redirect them to Steemit or your blog again, it will be tedious trying to catch up and learn how everything works.

So many things can be implemented on the site, showcasing the talented superstars can be done it. I don't want to go too deep into what we can achieve with a website, but attaining global adoption of Steem with Steemjet, we ought to have a standard website.


We need a website above anything else @dimimp


Well, My vote is for Website because Website is the only that can be accessible From everywhere, If we get Ranking by ranking keywords, then The people who search the specific keyword, will come to know about #steemjet and steemit. But here it is necessary to provide each and every information about the #steem #steemit #steemjet, There should be a course that teaches people how exactly #steemit works and what the real way of working on #steemit.

Thank you


Funding the website or hiring dancer both have there roles in steem promotion and adoption but if we are to set our priorities right,the website funding should come first because it will make us more open to the world and also be a platform for all steemjet creative artist to display there work!! So for me i say the WEBSITE!!
And if i may boss @dimimp i have been trying to get your attention over a proposal for a Seminar tagged Passion2Profit which is an offline blockchain,cryptocurrency,steem seminar aimed at steem promotion and adoption.

This seminar is scheduled for the 14th of JulySTEEMIT-1.jpg


Funding the website or hiring dancer both have there roles in steem promotion and adoption but if we are to set our priorities right,the website funding should come first because it will make us more open to the world and also be a platform for all steemjet creative artist to display there work!! So for me i say the WEBSITE!!
And if i may boss @dimimp i have been trying to get your attention over a proposal for a Seminar tagged Passion2Profit which is an offline blockchain,cryptocurrency,steem seminar aimed at steem promotion and adoption.

This seminar is scheduled for the 14th of JulySTEEMIT-1.jpg


Funding the website is a good idea tho.
I think since the website is the first step to publicising steemjet And steemit as a whole, It will certainly play a big role on our struggles towards steem global adoption


Hello dear @dimimp again I'm here requesting you to get what i deserve.

I was with you before steemjet projects and after i supported this project with all my heart and abilities but unfortunately you didn't see this effort.

You promised me that you will reward me for my efforts but you didn't i still remember when you said that I will not let your wasted effort reward you for a second :( do you remember those word ?

I'm a old member but you didn't give me a rule in a department or a delegations to support the newbies in steemjet community.

I still promoting steem blockchain through steemjet thoughts in the schools, the collages and the universities, even you didn't support me i still support this project because i see the future of steem blokchain in steemjet project.

Im not a Nigerian but im from Africa too, will you treating me like FIFA treated us we the African on Russia world cup 2018 ?

Finally hope you read my request and give me what i deserve. I need 2000 Liquid Steem to build the studio and start the promoting of steemjet trip. My art can send our messages easily and faster.
That is less for you but much for me

by the way i already finished this speech for tomorrow for some intrested people

Hello guys i belong to a cumminity called steemjet here on steem blockchain this project created by @dimimp, and aspiring to promote steem blockchain in the whole world not just for the adults or the teenagers but even for the chilldren beetween 3 and 14 years old to plant the blockchain technology idea in the next geneirition.
because we are beliving that blockchain technology is the future. our community steemjet full of the talented people who's care about steem blockchain
Steemjeet reach more than 3000 mamber in 4 months and this is a great beginning for us we're still growing this number welcome in our family you can join us for free. we have the curator system this system reward you for your contrubiotion and efforts. every thing you do and everything you say matter in our community
Are you lost ? Join us we need you to build a better steem blochkchain.
Steemjet on the wings of superstar we are words and steem


I vote the website. It is more promosing and can be accessed by everyone irrespective of their location. It is a long tern project that will accommodate every ones idea or impute to the site. Well done @dimimp, we are with you on this.


I was the steemJet curator on duty yesterday, i watched this and i loved it. Good song, lovely moves. But, why not work first and dance later.

Ensure global adoption.


Website looks good! :)


Definitely... Ensuring global adoption comes first EVERYDAY!

But on a second thought If there's a chance we can do both simultaneously... Even better!!! 😂



this gif cracked me up


Business before pleasure.


I go for steemjet dancers..

It will create job opportunities.


Hello @dimimp the website has been funded twice, 1,000 steem earlier and 1,100 steem later.
Why do they still need funding again? Was the 2100 steem mismanaged?
Maybe not!
But I think you need to look at other things that can help promote steem too. You can hire dancers and also fund the best star dancers that will be produced by @steemjetcontests after a dancing contest

These dancer will be the ones to dance to the music produced by the music department and they will help in the best way the can.

Please Fund the dancers @dimimp
Thank you


Miss! The fact that you made a proposal for dancers is not much of a disturbing one. The fact that you are claiming that it would effect global adoption is not too disturbing but now pls make enough investigations and confirmations before you make decision making comments.
It is clear that you know nothing about web development and maintenance.
@dimimp is obviously not dim to the fact that having a website where our work would be aired is of utmost importance and that it needs funding too. It needs steady funding.
If your dance is funded, please I beg that you explain to us the long term effect i would have. This is a good way for us to see your vision for the community. Pls lets read it ma'am. We all are watching. Prove to us how it fair without a medium to air it outside steemit. Pls do.


Yeah, you may be right that I know nothing about web development and maintenance, but the knowledge you have about it, what have you been able to do for the website?? I have my reasons for making this proposal, so you shouldn't counter it because everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.
The Steemjet dance crew will have a long effect on steem, Steemjet and global adoption because this dance crew would not only perform for steemjet, but represent Steemjet in different occasions, where we would be rewarded and this rewards, will still come to us as a family. By so doing, we would introduce ourselves to the world,telling them the importance of steem,steemit,and steemjet and how to join.
I would also organise dance contests sponsored by @dimimp and @steemjet, where dancers from different parts of the world will compete and they shall be prices for the winners of the dance contest.
We would also groom passionate young kids to learn more about dance making it, SCHOOL OF DANCE. This will create public awareness to the society.
On the other hand, Funding the website is also a great idea because its in this website, that we would post the events and post of the dance crew.
So, I would say, both of them should be taken into consideration for the well-being of the Steemjet family


Yes sir dancing should not be left out, remember when we use to party with Olivia lol, it was great, all work no play makes Jack a dull boy, fun is also a great way to relieve stress....


I surely will go for .."THE STEEMJET DANCERS"....we want to attain global adoption right??..this is another way because with this..going to the public and the world will be achieved easier and faster..also creating job opportunities....and more funds when these dancers go for great shows to performs for and also win people for the STEEMJET COMMUNITY..


I'm in support of the dance crew. It's unique indeed 👍




Hiring dancers for steemjet crew is a better way of global adoption because with this crew, we can perform in different functions which will help maximise popularity to the community. @dimimp this will be nice if I @philip6 release a new blowing steemjet song for the dancers proposed by @steemedi to make the community lively.


I love to dance too, I will go with dance.


Sir @dimimp, I have noticed something from just following you for a while. you are a lover of arts and talents. you love to groom talent.just like the way you are bringing out the best in graphic designers and musicians, this is just another aspects of arts and I know you will have fun watching thier presentation all the time . my first support is to fund the Steemjet dancers. I myself I'm a dancer, so I'm fighting for what I love. but if it where possible to fund the two groups. maybe not much but enough to get things done. then everyone will be happy even you.

I submitted my arts for a long time, and no response from you. so i have gathered it together to make a collection. tap on this link . waiting and hoping to hear from you. thanks


steemjet was for global adoption and spreading the steem gospel to the world. to me I haven't seen how a dance could help that cause yet(unless maybe I'm well detailed). So please sir, even if the dance video might get highest likes.... Fund the website.

In the end, if managed properly, the site could bring returns to the community.... Don't forget our SMT.


I vote for Steemjet dancers. This will go a long way in discovering talents, especially people with real dancing talents on the streets, and then from discovering them, they'll get to be introduced to steem and Steemjet, hence the adoption of steem in the dance industry.

Choreography is very important @dimimp, you've done enough for the website already. It's high time we started diversifying into other things that will also bring more value and impact to people. Something, a broke kid on the street can benefit from with a chance to prove his/her Superstardom.

The Steemjet dance contest will be another breakthrough phenomenon! And if you need someone to organize that perfectly for you, then you can hire me for the job. I can sign a free dance contract with you @dimimp for Steemjet, as I have a "dim" of dance in me.
Hire the dancers, and let's see how we can turn dance into more steem.

Steemjet Lead HR

  • SF 4, setting boundaries...

Great thance by the way...very nice.


Hello @dimimp the website has been funded twice, 1,000 steem earlier and 1,100 steem later.
Why do they still need funding again? Was the 2100 steem mismanaged?
Maybe not!
But I think you need to look at other things that can help promote steem too. You can hire dancers and also fund the best star dancers that will be produced by @steemjetcontests after a dancing contest

These dancer will be the ones to dance to the music produced by the music department and they will help in the best way the can.

Please Fund the dancers @dimimp
Thank you

  ·  2년 전

The music department produce. You dance!
How's that sound?


Hello @dimimp the website has been funded twice, 1,000 steem earlier and 1,100 steem later.
Why do they still need funding again? Was the 2100 steem mismanaged?
Maybe not!
But I think you need to look at other things that can help promote steem too. You can hire dancers and also fund the best star dancers that will be produced by @steemjetcontests after a dancing contest

These dancer will be the ones to dance to the music produced by the music department and they will help in the best way the can.

Please Fund the dancers
Thank you


great rhythm, I love that song. Vote for this route


Dancing will be entertaining during this low price of steem


hiring dancers is really an awesome idea, it will create job opportunity and also promote the steemjet platform

looking at the question logically anyone can easily say lets go for WEBSITE becuase of the main vision of steemjet which is global adoption of steem through long term information storage and retrival, and also
and the dancing can promote steem offline no doubt about that,But i will suggest the decision shouldnt be judge base on upvote, i think the idea of steemjetsupport which was proposed by the technical unit should be put to place first and then set a parnel for making any judgement in the company about any proposal or suggestions.....well that is what i feel but i know you are the IMP and your decisions is final (loL)

meanwhile here is a reminder to you boss about "STEEMJET AUDIO CONTEST"

Hello dimimp
This is @kristenantai01 from steemjetmedia alongside @mathemandy @profchydon @vheobong and @kekegist
specially assigned to carry out duties in the audio department, before it was transform to steemjet media.

i am just here to remind you of the steemjet Audio contest, it is over 2 months since the contest kick started and to my knowledge you have paid for all other contest that came even before and After the Audio contest e.g flippy bird,time contest,Gold Bling.

but it looks as if you have forgotten about this contest,people do ask me when you are going to pay for it and i dont have valid response to them, some people really need this types of contest because some contest on steemjet is mostly ARTS/GRAPHICS and everyone is not good at that lol even me.

so i just thought i should remind you

@Kristenantai01 voice of steem jet welcome note

If you are yet to understand what the steemjet audio contest is about, here is a message from @dimimp

Each contest entry must have a VOICE RECORDING saying:
"Welcome aboard steemjet. This is your captain speaking. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for takeoff. STEEMJET - on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem"

And that's it. You are entered in the competition with the grand prize of $2000

The prize winner will be judged as having a combination of the highest quality recording meaning no background noise or music (75%), and a good voice (25%). Don't worry about your accent, just say it with style.

Listen to My Entry for the steemjet "Captain" contest #English version by Kristenantai #np on #SoundCloud

below is the link to the enteries compilation by vheobong
please we look forward to your response soon

If your Entery is not there you can still send in
ENTRIES CLOSES 30 JUNE according to @dimimp

long live steemjet


Yes sir,
about the audio contest, it seems you've forgotten about it, I'll like you to look into it sir.


Hello dimimp I think that this request should also be on the next decentralized voting decision by the steemjet community
A writing contest was conducted on @steemjetcontests for the first time on steemjet early this month and the contest was on the topic: "WHAT I CAN DO TO PROMOTE STEEM".
We all know that contests is what keeps a lot of steemjetters happy and winning the contest makes them even more happy.
Over here on @steemjetcontests I self upvote the comments made by this account to generate the funds to run steemjet contest and the funds that are generated for the contests makes the reward too low sometimes because of the price.
The last writing contest was a 300 words essay writing contest and all creative writers were given the chance to express their selves on what they can do to promote steem, I spent a whole day and a whole night without sleep to read 120+ entries in just a week.
The Last writing contests TEN Winners were rewarded $10 in upvotes each. $100 in total
The writers did very well just like the artist and the graphic designers and I found out that a writing contest contest in steemjet community will be more involving because. Everyone on steemjet, no matter what they do on this blockchain can also also write.
Winning a contest that gives winners liquid steem as an encouragement to do what they wrote down could encourage them to do their bests to really promote steem to attain global adoption.
I will need your big support to run a contest that is supposed to onboard creative writers on steemjet too if steemjet truly has a place for everyone. Most of the writers wants their way into the steemjet community but they cannot join us since they are restricted by graphic designing contests which happens here almost everytime.
Here is a link to check out the winners of the previous writing contest that went on at @steemjetcontests


  • 3500 LIQUID STEEM to run the writing contest which is budgeted to pay 40 winners and part of it will be used pay the judges for their precious time

I made this request earlier this month and it was ignored because of some misunderstandings.


I go with this proposal as distribution of liquid steem will aid in the rapid and global adoption of steem and would act as a means of encouraging minnows and fishing new members to the steemjet community...
Long live steemjet


So far the contestants have had no reason to complain and the contests have been rightly judged. We hope to get support for this


I totally agree with this.. it should be looked into.


I support this initiative as it will help encourage and hunt new talents.


A writing contest will add great value to steemjet if 40 participants could win.


@dimimp should approve this because I can see signs of great things that will come in already through contests like this


This contest can open a new portal to better things on steemjet.
40 winners will be cool
3500steem approved.


3500 steem for this seems okay by me
40 winners makes me anticipates when the contest will even start because I also wanna join

  ·  2년 전

I love this idea. It is a bright one
I can imagine the good things it will bring forward to steemjet

Sir, the curation department believe curating for the steemjet cummunity is a long term project, and sincerely urge you to grant our proposal.

Heres the link to our proposal:

The curation team has been everywhere around anything carrying the #steemjet tag daily. Here's an update concerning the work we have been doing so far.

Among hundreds of post curated, here we have the best-featured posts picked everyday, alongside other quality posts worth mentioning. You can find a detailed report in @steemjet's blog or use the link below:

Daily Featured Post By The Curation Team

Currently the steemjet curation team consists of 8 active members @cherylsonty @druids @lovelykylie @benlegend-1 @samexycool @ewuoso @jacobite and myelf

Thank you @dimimp

Steemjet Curation Department

Hello @dimimp.
How are you doing.
I am @sancti a delegate in SF7 working with @empato365.
I designed a very important tool for steemjet that can be used to make steem attain a global adoption.
The secret is when the kids start learning about crypto currencies and steem it will boost the process for the future. So I developed the chessboard games into a new design which I do call a crypto-Chess board




Anyone who understands how to play chess will understand how to project the former chess Board the New and greatly evolved crypto-chessboard. I was looking at changing the rules and making new ones for the crypto-chessboard but I will need to be given the chance to teach other about the new rules else we will have to adopt to the former.

new 1 copy.jpg

I got 500 steem from the time contest and this motivated me to do more for steemjet. I wish I can extend my contract till infinity and gets promoted till infinity then I will work happily, impressively and creatively for steemjet till infinity.
Working with @empato365 your money man is a great motivation for me.
I wish to thank you @dimimp for everything you have done for me ever since I joined steemjet. Steemjet is a reality!
steemjet: on the wings of superstars we are words and steem

SO REQUEST IS 1500 Liquid steem to print out these games and organise tutorials to teach 10,000 people especially the children across the world to play the crypto games which will help give a lot of people who love game crypto mentalities and hence the adoption of steem just began.

More creative ways will come

Yours sincerely

Tutorials for 10,000 people (children and adults) on how to play crypto board games is a very nice idea.
Global adoption of steem and crypto currencies can be taken to the nwxt level from here

I am also broke @dimimp, I cant even think straight too.
I wish I have little in my pause @dimimp.LogoLicious_20180628_200757.png

@dimimp I had to show that you're not alone in this world and I because I am forever breeded by your words, I wrote this epistle dedicated to the greatness of steemjet.

Much love

Yours Truly

SF-1 @Gutzygwin
Project Dev/Manager

I will like a little steembath @dimimp, I haven't gotten anything in a long while.


How do you want the water, cold or hot? After delegating all his SP and you got a share of it too plus the emotional post. You still looking for Steembath,you need steemcane

  ·  2년 전

This video is to appreciate dimimp, steemjet and the space force members. I will be an ingrate if I can't appreciate all what @dimimp, @steemjet and space force members have done for me.

To @dimimp, I really appreciate your support towards steemjet community, you have been a source of blessing to many Steemians already....
Thank you so much For building a strong force for steemjet.

Here it goes

Here is the Lyrics

i wanna say thanks dimimp I wanna say thanks uche-nna I wanna say thanks empato I wanna say thanks... For the thing you have done everthing you will do lordjames I wanna say thank you for the things you have done everything you will do lordjames I wanna say thanks you

Thank you for being a blessing
Thank you for touching lives
thank you for reaching out,
lives far and wide
Thank you
Thank youThank you
making me a force
Thank you.

Am very sorry to the whole community if I have a poor video recording, this happened because, it was recorded by my mobile phone camera.
All the gears used was rented as well.
I wish to do more for the community as I promised. I wish you can get me gears for more recordings sir.



i love your song and i love your voice...Thank you also for being part of the community

  ·  2년 전

Tanks dear.


There is no doubt that the SteemJet community is the fastest growing community on the Steem Blockchain and in no time will soon go Trending.

I always give in my best in every establishment I find myself and if my best isn't enough, I create room for Improvement.

Before joining the SteemJet community as a Delegate, I have always been promoting Steem. I believe it is the responsibility of everyone to do so. Joining the SteemJet community, I saw it as a community to improve and take the promotion of Steem further and the community itself.

My Department and I came up with a SHOW called the STEEMJET HOTSEAT where unexpected questions will be asked relating to the community and the Steem Blockchain.

I got a chance to interview the CEO of SteemJet community @Uche-nna. This interview was done barely 24hours after traveling from Owerri in the Eastern part of Nigeria to Abuja in the Northern part. I was glad he accepted my invite despite his tight schedule. Below are what took play.

Interview Questions

  1. What are your names?

  2. Fill us in, Who is Uche-nna?

  3. How did you hear of SteemJet?

  4. What was your reaction, when you saw your wallet with 500steem from dimimp?

  5. How does it feel wearing the JetPack? Share your experience

  6. Dimimp named you the CEO of SteemJet community, how is the journey so far?

  7. What is your department doing so far to achieve Global Adoption of Steem?

  8. Do you think SteemJet is missing anything or any adjustment you wish to bring in?

  9. 6 months from today, where do you see SteemJet community?

  10. To all everyone especially the newbies coming into the SteemJet community, what advice do you have for them?

The Seat will be getting hotter

Before Joining SteemJet community, I got the chance to meet with lordjames. I and Jacobite had to travel long distance on motorcycle in seek for more knowledge and gladly, days later we were both accepted into the community.


The Road trip, distance we had to go in search of more knowledge

Onboarding two steemians to the community and asking them how what better way Steem can be promoted in our community and school kids paying fees with Steem



*Link of my Curation post*-:

There is still more I wish to do, to see we reach our goal through videos. I humbly wish for a good Video Recording Gear which come along with the complete tools. I have been research online recently and this was just the match one for the job.

Found a Dell laptop that will be perfect for Video and Photo Editing. Perfect to have a pocket studio on the Go.


The Video Gears and Laptops with the current price of Steem will amount to $2,673 Steem

You can choose to order them, I believe you know these technological tools better than I do.


  1. This will help in disseminating information with no background noise as seen in the video.
  2. Produce Videos with good clarity appealing to the eyes.
  3. Making SteemJet promotion videos professional(YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  4. Contribute to SteemJet photography as professional photos will be taken which can be reuse by all members of the community
  5. Cover all meetups in Abuja(the Federal Capital of Nigeria).
  6. Making the STEEMJET HOT SEAT Interview video professional
  7. Introducing SteemJet Short Movies(comedy)
  8. Interacting with people on Camera and creating awareness
  9. Go into Music videos
  10. The selling point of any community or brand is their level of professionalism.

Help me do more

This Videos does not include the SteemJet Rap Music Covers.

Proposal Post:-

SteemJet is going place and travelling across the globe with steem news

The SteemJet Ambassador(yungchief)


Wow, great initiative, steemjet to the moon!


Wow this is a great initiative. I love what you are doing bro.

From now on, in order to gauge the community consensus, I will be proposing a question for the community in my posts. The answer with the highest upvotes wins.

Boss I'm not still buying this idea. We have so many superstars here(ofcourse that's why "on the wings of superstars..." was chosen. We could vouch for what's right. What bots can do to trigger decisions is not friendly.

Hi @dimimp, the month is ending this weekend , I am doing a giveaway to everyone who made a good contribution to steemjet growth, a certain amount of liquid steem will be appreciated I will divide it equally among the 300 persons.
Thank you in advance.

Hello @dimimp thank you for choosing my design am honour,firstly both initiative are both good once like the website just like @mbj and @uche-nna said when the wensitecis fully worked on it will ensure global adoption,also the steemjet dancers initiative is a very good one,dancer can also help ensure global adoption.

I am broke.

It hurt me reading this post and seeing you said your broke I know it not easy fundng a community as large as steemjet alone, So I have to congratulate you sir @dimimp and thank you for bringing out the best in us.

But I have a suggestion or should I said a request and I would really appreciate if you would look into it. It may have been bothering other.
with the recent fall in price of all all cryptocurrency earning on steemit post is not that easy and to be able to be an active member on steemjet required alot of data.

I will point out few examples:
Like this post
After you drop the post I subscribed for 2gig data but surprisingly opening the post it didn't load full so I thought it was just my network but after a few hours I got a notification that I only have 25mb remaining. And I know it happens to others delegates.

Second it about the curation department head by @mhizsophie and the members in the department are @mhizsophie @cherylsonty @druids @lovelykylie @benlegend1 @samexycool @ewuoso for them to effectively work the required enough data to curate post because if the don't have much data entering a post like yours will just exhaust their data in matter of hours.

So my suggestion to you boss @dimimp should be that at least every delegate should be giving a little token to used in subscribing for data so that the can work effectively
If am not mistaken we have over 170+ delegates and if at the end of a month the steem is been sent to @lordjames he will then sent the steem to different department heads according to the number of delegates in the department.

Even if it 50 steem per delegate it will go a long way sir @dimimp

And back to the curation department the are the ones that need the data bundle most since the will have to go through thousands of post under the steemjet tag to curate most of post which are high quality designs and after the curation the will make post about it which all this required data to make it work
Here is a link I think will interest you boss @dimimp to look into


This my friend is a well thought proposal, I mean we all need to be able to come online and play our parts as delegate.. I hope @dimimp would see this worthy of adopting


You have said well bro. The issue of internet is crippling the curation deprtment

Good day to my STEEMJET family and greetings to our founder @dimimp
We have all been helping out in spreading the news about steemjet in our various ways. The development I have seen in this community has been really amazing I must confess, I have been here since February during the first logo design and the slogan contests. We have really grown bigger and we have a great amount of population right now but still we strive to continue building the community and also bring more members on board. Various promotional videos has been made as it has come to the notice that people rather watch than read. Unlike the previous promotional video I made this one brings to the table less text, seasoned with more imagery. This video is all aimed at advertising STEEMJET to the general public as it will also be uploaded on Facebook to reach a greater population.

Here is the video;

I also uploaded the snapshots of each page designed,

Page 1

Screenshot (61).png

Page 2

Screenshot (62).png

Page 3

Screenshot (63).png

Page 4

Screenshot (64).png

Join us on discord, we will be happy to have you:

I am @kilatunzii
Tech dev team

I would be needing your support and directives in propelling the production of more videos(upgraded gears) and it's promotion

Screenshot (38).png

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

Link to post;

Today we work, tomorrow we party.


Exactly my point Sir