Steemjet World Cup - Day 20 - Who is the most capable?

2년 전

That pass kicked over the defender's leg at high speed. You can afford to hit it a little slopopy when your target is twice the size!


And they have the best TEAM defense (because they play each other)

Who can beat Brazil?

Everyone should get the calls that Neymar does!

background music by @emmycapable (SF4) (my favorite part is the muted hit at 19 seconds!)

A studio mic is very hot so you must be gentle, and nobody knew this like the king of pop (it's called a pop filter, but he uses his hand to cover his mouth on "p,b, and t" sounds and harsh transients and flashes his "s" by waving his hand in front of his mouth. he looks like a freak in the studio (you would never do this live unless you have style like the E double M Y C M P A to the B L E) becasue he grew up watching the best.

I don't think that they use the replay enough. All they need to do is keep tight tabs on the extra time clock, and stop the game for every contact like it was meant to be played. Clean and fun!

You will see the defense start playing clean after a few free kicks, and corners!

And the goalkeeper will love this the most!

Because no goal keeper wants to see a shootout. Your most embarrassing moment as a youtube viral video of the ball getting splashed off your face into the net, or you just guessing wrong again.

The shootout is too embarassing for goalkeepers, and FIFA ows it to them to make the lazy referees treat EVERY PLAYER with the respect that they give to Neymar!

Frankly, it is more boring to watch the shootout of a low scoring wrestling match than it is watching a high scoring soccer game. in fact, high scoring soccer games are fun to play and watch. The players are happy becasue nobody is getting ginjured (yes, this dirty play destroys players). You get the highest competitive intensity when you have fair expectations on every player equally. Figure out that formula, bring back fair play for more than just Neymar, and watch your SUPERSTARS SHINE!

This process could be easily improved if you call a few of those early, and the score goes up, then just make sure you call them both ways consistantly, and feel free to stop the clock because we hate to see all that embarrassing player flopping. We know that they are gasping for their lives, so give them a break, like you give Neymar the break when he gets the contact. He makes you give him the break, breather, game delay, boring!

So FIFA is at least improving with the instant replay, but they don't use it enough to change the dirity and lazy physical defense that injurs players and makes the game generally ugly.

Let's have some double digit futbol games!

That's what I'm talking about!

After the last cup I said that I would never take it seriously again, so the replay was a nice touch. I obviously expect too much.

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To the desk of the lannister

Hello @dimimp, @steemjet-support account awaits your promise of liquid steem to begin moderation activities as you have stated. I'm glad with uttermost joy that you are making our steem dreams come true through your consistent outstreched hand on steemjetters. @steemjet-support has just recieved 24k sp worth of Jet-Fund to begin with to raise funds and we have also started moderating with our new intro as fund review board and fund raiser -

We will be awaiting liquid steem to kickstart long term and short term initiatives alike as the new steemjet fund review board as you have highlighted.


As stated by your grace, @steemjet-support is yet to have liquid steem to carry out moderation activities.... We are yet to bloom with our self-voting fund raiser activities and there are no funds for the fund review board to begin with.


Please sir I noticed You did not do as you said, am quite sure it skipped your memory! It's been 14 days and am still expecting!
I understand how busy you are and the fact that you keep to your word, you only hired me but didn't give the supposed steem, if you can please do as said, I will be honored. Thank you @dimimp


my bad, got you on the list now!


Only this has made my day!
Thank you sir.
I will be expecting it.

Oops Brazil this time again, I guess they're gaining good grounds.

Please do well to checkout what me jesse12 and @uche-nna did concerning the World Cup, a song though.
here is a link


incredible work, this will work well for the Steemjet World Cup closing ceremony!


Okay, sure it is.

To me, I can't predict what will happen, it's just like life unpredictable.

But mainwhile we have something in collaboration for the steemjet community from @jesse12 and @uche-nna.


We the Steemjet Media are still left wondering what we have failed to do right thing that despite all the amazing projects we have executed you still haven't said a word. We can all but wonder what we are not doing right.

Narration of Olivia Story

Video Coverage of "Earn While You Learn by @deandaniel"

How well do people know about crypto

Blockchain series interview

Steemjet Radio Show

Jingle for SteemjetTV

Introducing Steemjet Media

We thought it wise to review our proposal and forgo the low ranked items on the scale of preference.

Camera (s) - 600 STEEM
Lens - 200 STEEM
Light (s) - 200 STEEM
Light Stands - 100 STEEM
Light reflector - 100 STEEM
Lapel Mic (s) - 450 STEEM
Tripod - 100 STEEM
Slider - 200 STEEM
Shot gun microphone - 100 STEEM
2TB Hard drive - 100 STEEM
Payment for cinematographer - 200 STEEM
Video/Photo camera bag - 50 STEEM
Laptop for editing videos - 300 STEEM

There are event we are supposed to cover as we promised but no funding so we can travel down there.

Another request by @ninoh22 to cover an event but we can't because we are not funded


A response from you will go a long way in helping understand if we aren't doing things right or if steemjet Media is not needed to achieve global adoption of steem

link to the proposal
Longlive steemjet


I am running out of steem, self vote yourself until you can obtain the funds, in the meantime I will send you 500 liquid to get started! Hopefully the price of steem will rise up so we can realize our goals!


good day sir

yes you have approved steemjet media proposal Alright thanks for finally looking to our direction,you said we should get started with 500 steem yeah no problems i understand you are running out of steem and probably getting broke, but as the CEO of this company i think you should set things striaght by listening to your workers,some people might see things going wrong on steemjet but they don`t want to say anything because they are afraid of loosing their delegation (lol)

now my suggestions
i think for this company to be organized and to aviod bankrupt you should stop hiring and leave that for the HR-unit and also about you funding yeah no doubt everyone says it is your steem that is the fact that is undeniable,you can give whoever you wish but i dont see any company that dosnt have board of commitees that analyse an incoming and outgoing proposal, and that is where the #steemjet-supports comes in play
i advise you dont fund any project unless it is sent from the steemjet-support for funding to you.

as days come and go everyone is coming with projects for funding,How long will you continue funding projects and what is there is no steem for funding again what then happens??

i dont like the way things are going on steemjet and i am also your worker so i think i also have the right to be heard..

back to #steemjetmedia funding you said you are out of steem but i think 1000steem woudnt be too much from 2700steem we requested to function well due to the current price of steem now, #steemjetmedia have differerent projects we are planning on doing to promote steem.

you also said i should or we should selfvote ourselves till we get the funds, how do we do that when the highest person with steempower in my department is me with 1500sp,how many months are we going to upvote ourselves before we can realized the funds we need to buy our equipments to carry out our offline projects...
but fine if 500 steem is what you can offer the Department now no problems.

i hope my little advise will be worth considering, longlive steemjet


Thanks @kristenantai01, for some time this has been bothering us. I've met so many good people in the steem blockchain who thinks of steemjet as people with no bearings and they are like loose sand.
Things has to be right. One day, there's comedy, another day, there's a new story, another day, there's a dance union... Where are we heading to? @dimimp. Let's know where we stand. As young youths, we've gotten frustrated that we don't know what is happening anymore and thats not good.

I've given the idea of @steemjet-support using jet-mods to raise funds and thanks to you we have good sp to raise funds and we are doing that already but @steemjet-support has no funde to carry out funding others so things can be done discretely. Steemjet right now is without direction. I proposed an idea a while ago but seems we can't imolement it cause you haven't made the guidelines yet. Jet-mods await your response.


@gutzygwin you have spoken my heart bro for real ,i wish @dimimp would see this though ,theres so much confusion.


Guidelines are needed. A direction and a road map metaphorically.


Value is what matters. What do we put on as our image as a company.


@dimimp please treat according ,you are indeed frustrating the efforts of individuals actually working hard for you. no talk say i no ter you.


This is awesome @uche-nna you got so much talent in you bro.. The sky is just your starting point. My prediction is Belgium that will knock out Brazil in the quarter final round.


Thanks alot brotherly..


Helo boss @dimimp, please I have waited so long for you to respond to me on my project on the steemjet kids outreach (BRINGING CRPTO TO THE KNOWLEDGE OF KIDS), as i need some funds to ride on, i know you may have skipped it due to having so many comments to read, please visit it and see what I have for you.

Thanks as i await your response!


nice job @cherylsonty, please be aware that it's not your personal project, I would prefer it if you use our project seeing that it doesn't belong to only one person, because me and my team have started handling this outreach long before you.


Hello @chukwunalu, this project is in my region which is in Abia state. Am sure you are not in Abia so nothing its conflicting, carry on, while i also do mine, steemjet is not a regional thing but we aim to attain global adoption, am a teacher by profession and i work with kids and students alot.

Thank you for your commendation!


Of course, you are doing an amazing job @cherylsonty!! If possible a collaboration won't be bad. That's why if you notice I used the word "our". It's not a private thing.
It's our job to ensure the global adoption of steem, starting from the young ones


please @dimimp take time out of your busy schedule and check our progress on the Steemjetmusical competition #steemjetmusical .. You can find all relevant posts on my blog


I believe Belgium have what it takes to knock Brazil out of the competition


Yassssssssss @uche-na I just heard the song oooooo!!!! It is sooooo dope! Please send to my WhatsApp abeg


Lol.. @uche-nna has chosen to sit on the fence for the very first time on an issue like this. Nice!


Definitely going to be BELGIUM


Dear Dimimp

Hi @dimimp, all am asking is a little stipends for your list of delegates and none delegates.

I want to bring it to your notice that You @dimimp have approximately 200 delegates.
And more active none delegates that I know of whom are always active to your work in my Employees Handbook.

please grant this request @dimimp..

I have the list of all delegate's and the active none delegates, I will be working with all the delegates so as to forward all the funds without complains.

@gutzygwin you can review this for acceptance.

Thank you @dimimp.

  ·  2년 전




Hello sir @dimimp,

I start by giving you my profound gratitude and sincerest respect for being our bedrock and the photosynthesis behind our chlorophyll. I can't thank you enough for this, it has been you, you and you all this while, i am grateful.

Sir @dimimp, something is bothering me so much and i think it is height time i bring it to your notice.

Let me go straight to the point.

I made a proposal of #2600 steem for my ART INITIATIVE FIR KIDS earlier which you approved and sent me #500 steem out of the said #2600 budget, and at the same time ask me to use some of it and improve my gear.

I followed your instructions and proceeded but was hanged on the way due to the price of steem which sinks every minute this days.
The budget was #2600 and you sent #500 having #2100 left(Budget deficit).
I am supposed to have written this post before now but held on due to the current situation of the company's capital. However you will blame me if I die in silence, I have to tell you what is bothering me right now.

Below are the steps i have made lately for the initiative

  1. Printed uniform which has my disco vibe logo on it.
    The back.

And also The black and white @shartzy logo version.

  1. The image below is to be printed on the smaller size T-shirts as many as possible for the kids(They will wear it during the classes)
    ARTS FOR KIDS 2.jpg
    and the back.
    ARTS FOR KIDS 4.jpg
  2. Below is one of the pages from the pamphlet I designed to be printed, which during the classes, The kids will be learning how to draw the printed crypto logos on their own drawing books which i will have to provide for them.
    Believe me, it is all gonna be fun.
    ARTS FOR KIDS pmm.jpg

The problem now is, the price of steem is going down coupled with the limited fund in the company.







dimimp needs to fund great stuffs like this meant for the future

  ·  2년 전

Definitely.... Every child is our child. Teaching them from tender will build a better future.


Very good idea.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks boss.. I am just waiting for his reply.


Yeah this will go a long way.


this is great stuff @mbj, we have your back bro

  ·  2년 전

Thanks bro.. Hopefully as soon as he replies, I will let you guys know and we do this together. This kids needs us.


I will love to be part of this
Thats my contact

I'm betting on France. They will beat Brazil blue black. My best guess is 3 goals to 1 when they finally meet.


Belgium can do the magic


It's either Brazil or France. 😀


The game is still on. We all await to see what happens in the quarter finals

This year's world cup is unpredictable take a look at what happened to messi and Ronaldo


Come in mate football is a team game.

One player can win you a match but not a tournament.


That's true though, lemme sayyyyyy i bet on France

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Your most embarassing moment as a youtube viral video of the ball getting splashed off your face into the net, or you just guessing wrong again.
It should be embarrassing instead of embarassing.


Dear Dimimp

Hi @dimimp, all am asking is a little stipends for your list of delegates and none delegates.

I want to bring it to your notice that You @dimimp have approximately 200 delegates.
And more active none delegates that I know of whom are always active to your work in my Employees Handbook.

please grant this request @dimimp..

I have the list of all delegate's and the active none delegates, I will be working with all the delegates so as to forward all the funds without complains.

@gutzygwin you can review this for acceptance.

Thank you @dimimp.

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Your most embarassing moment as a youtube viral video of the ball getting splashed off your face into the net, or you just guessing wrong again.
It should be embarrassing instead of embarassing.


Thanks your correction has been noted. We are all prone to errors


That was just a minor typographical error. I understand your concern for grammar but it happens sometimes. I believe @dimimp would take note of that from now.


Lolz. Its actually a bot.

Brazil is winning the world cup..


my fam ain't too sure of that though is game of football if they could but to my own feelings I see the Brazilians being stop by Belgians this time around..... Why is just that FIFA and the rest tools are giving much more of the attention to him this days as @dimimp has said it in his post. They should at least give in to other players as well when it come to game on the pitch,i guess with this it will be a little beat hard to move past Belgians.


Belgium and England can't be easily defeated also

  ·  2년 전


This was my first dream for STEEMJET COMMUNITY !!

I can still remember vividly few months ago I woke up in the morning and thought of next thing to offer this great great community and it came to my mind that steemjet has grown up to having a website.

I loading my designing software and came up with this!!!



I call it a dream come true because of the birth of and Head of Steemjet web Dev. and Director of Steemjet-suport JET_MOD @gutzygwin has promised to make use of this skeletal interface in implementing Steemjet website.

I bought the domain from earlier but I backed off when @gutzygwin came up with proposals due to the fact that i was made the HOD of Art Department and secondly, I have not mastered codding too well.
I was very glad when I contacted @gutzygwin lately, he appreciated my work and promised to use the design for the upgrade and implementation of the steemjet website.

All in one
STEEMJET FRONT END all in one.jpg

I have sent him the design and MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!!!


Below is the link to the post when my design was accepted by the Steemjet Community.

My profound gratitude and sincerest respects goes to @dimimp( The sponsor and the strength behind STEEMJET COMMUNITY)


Respect to @dimimp

Headed by @mbj and it consist of @ubongj @shrazi @mrrpiusz @faith49 @aaniejack @mariapatrick @sancti @lovelymkylie @omoumi @jogreh @shuta @shartzy @jbee007 @machnbirdsparo @moeenali @owaniofficial @applo @jesse12 @sistem @samuel9135 @soufiani @gnarlyanimations @joshuaedoja @abdulmanan @sweetim @anikearn @ungest @essiential




  ·  2년 전

Brazil is one of the world's football nation. Good numbers of their team players are international players and have much football experience. For who to beat Brazil? They seems unpredictable some times, but the decision in a football match is done after 90 minutes and or after extra time if it was draw in full time.

No body can beat Brazil! They are already the champions lol too much skill


if Brazil can scale through Belgium, then I believe Brazil are world champions

All the teams left in the world cup was well above average they have given a lot to get here and will give more to remain here, everyone is a contender.
Personally I'd love Brazil to win, it will generate a new cycle of events, Brazil has been the custodian of the beautiful game for decades and neymar is their pinpoint, winning this will likely give him the balloon d'or and take Brazil steps higher in the soccer heirachy and that's just what I want. To promote the Brazilian football, Promote the beautiful game.

Steem love

Have you seen this by @kabolo?
Can we just get a feedback if you have? Thanks




“You had better dream your own dream
Or someone else will dream it for you:
One sure way is to earn yourself some Steem…”

(aka O’rie Igwe)



The Crypto-World is Steem-ing with excitement,
Steemians multiplying crescent-ly on daily moment,
Hustling their creative contents so as to Steem higher,
Struggling to get noticed like the merry Olivia.


Enter the SteemJet to Steemit up
In spite of the down-tone note of Steem’s falling flop
But I have a dream that Steem is only hibernating –
Restructuring, re-planning, re-creatively perfecting

@igwentertainment & @fidelmboro

Into a new-transformed Phoenix once gutted to ashes,
To transcend beyond states, countries and races,
Soaring like a Jet it is, BOUNDLESS, in full-bloomed STEEM,
Heading for the Stars of Space, it’s Ultimate Dream!


Armed with the formidable Spaceforce One to Seven,
Steemjet is poised to prevent another Nine-Eleven
Of the Crypto-World via Steem Global Adoption
Captained by The IMP: CEO of SPACEFORCE ONE.


This is a charge to every Steemians and SteemJetters,
Your Destiny and Destination are amongst the Stars,
Your Mission – Global Adoption of the Steem currency
For Steem is the Future of the Crypto-Dynasty…

Source: Google search

It’s meant to be free, like Happie The Bird,
Meant to be given freely to every street, corner and ward;
By saying “No!” to suffering, and “Yes!” to Steem-ing
You’ll surely be contributing in making this world a better place to live in…

images (12).png

On the Wings of Superstars,
We are WORDS and STEEM -- of the Universe…

©opyright @igwentertainment

@dimimp you know i always get the right predictions

well this time i dont think any team can stop brazil

they own the cup

this year is neymars big year

except belgium plays exceptionally

dey are no match for brazil


I agree. And Brazil have a habit of scoring in world cup games. And neymar is in prime form if he decides not to play selfish football he can take the trophy for brazil

I choose french. I am sure they will meet in the final.
french will win on penalties


I doubt the defense of France.

Well boss @dimimp 😀😀

I bet Belgium is sending Brazil hope 🤾🤾

Belgium performance have been top notch this world cup and it's so sad that's it's Brazil that's facing them.
Boss have you seen this?
My entry to your Meme and GIF contest.

So FIFA is at least improving with the instant replay, but they don't use it enough to change the dirity and lazy physical defense that injurs players and makes the game generally ugly.

Yeah, FIFA did well to involve this rules.

Football cannot be predicted with 100% certainty. That's why it's synonymous to Crypto too. It's a game of the favoured.

I hope a smaller country will win it and create a record to hold.

Thank you @dimimp!

Dear Dimimp

Hi @dimimp, all am asking is a little stipends for your list of delegates and none delegates.

I want to bring it to your notice that You @dimimp have approximately 200 delegates.
And more active none delegates that I know of whom are always active to your work in my Employees Handbook.

please grant this request @dimimp..

I have the list of all delegate's and the active none delegates, I will be working with all the delegates so as to forward all the funds without complains.

@gutzygwin you can review this for acceptance.

Thank you @dimimp.

Feeding The World Using Steem

The Druids Farm is a Homestead Farm project powered by steem, the farm consist of a poultry and eventually a fish farm.
The poultry uses a deep litter housing system based on repetitive layers of wood shavings to serve as bedding for the birds.

The beddings are usually made 2 meters thick to provide warmth for the birds.
I adopted the DL system because it allows rearing a large number of birds and increases the birds resistance to diseases especially to coccidiosis.

The poultry consist of 80 Point Of Layer Chicks Which were 4-6 weeks old during purchase, the birds produce at least 2 crates of eggs daily.

The profit gotten from the egg sales is split 2 ways : 70% for the farm Maintenance and 30% is invested in my charity foundation.




I am already showing the world that we can feed the world with steem, i want to expand the poultry and venture into fish production.

Proposal For The Steem Powered Fish Pond

2 Plastic Ponds-250 steem
1000 fingerlings-60 steem
6 Bags of Durante fish feed-100 steem

Total budget -410 steem


Steemjet chickens😋😋😋
Uhmmm yummy😊


Stay away from my chicken😂,if you chop them who wan come dae lay the egg? 😒



  ·  2년 전



hi @dimimp
this is my entry for the color the logo contest
hope you like it


I support Belgium to win.. I am a big fan of the reds.. Eden Hazard forever


Before proceeding into the main reason why I write to you, I’ll love to say thank you for hiring me as the HOD of the design/branding/marketing department. You took this step knowing fully well that it will not only attain global adoption but also bring money into the community.

Moving to the main reason why I write to you. I want to take/start this department physically in collaboration with the wardrobe manager @euguma and others.




Other requirements have to be bought in large quantities. they include:






Screenshot (38).png

@dimimp, how are you doing, hope all is well ?

Brazil have not yet reach their potential
don't be surprised Belgium discipline them

#steemjet worldcup

#we are steem and word

some cool designs of T-shirts. please check out my post.




Neymar paces unbeatable Brazil. The edition will be brought by Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaazil.

the much expected world cup finals begin at the Luzhniki stadium. You stand a chance to predict and win every game! This year's world cup is unpredictable take a look at what happened to messi and Ronaldo. I think France will beat brazil. but the world cup is a tough tournament. the favourites where knocked out .Thanks for share

#Kane.... Tho the english side looks too weak whipe attacking... Bt this guys boot is special this year

It can happen sure. Everything is possible in football. It will be hard though.

Please save me i need help.
I have been suffering ulcer for 3 years now.All my medications have failed me. It dosnt last long.
Until i found the product with much testimonies
Screenshot_2018-07-07-11-57-53.pngplease fund me please @dimimp
Am a student,studying social work.
And need you please

700 steem

Will last me for 3 month treatment![IMG_20180311_114443.jpg](

THe pain is killing my studies

this is a very question a s football is a sport that unites people around the world. I think Brazil's next match is the deciding match. If they survive Belgium, I think It is as good as done. So am trying to say the Belgians are the guys that can bring Brazil down....

Mean while as a lover of music, I have always had this urge to start the Steemjet music project..... Educating the mass about STEEMIT and bringing them into the STEEMJET community Through music. I am a pianist and have had challenges in achieving this goal as I Don not have a venue and the adequate equipments to kick-start this project. I believe if there are people that can learn music as a result of a company financed by this platform, there is a hightendency for them to put in their interest in touching lives out there and thereby adding to the STEEMJET cimmunity. So the equipment we will need for STEEMJETMUSIC hub Are:

10 learner Keyboard = 300 steem
Rent for at least a year = 220 steem
Tables and chairs = 100 steem
Flex banner = 100 steem
Speaker,mixer,other Audio appliances = 200 steem
Teachers appreciation (5 teachers) = 50 steem
Students wear = 100 steem

Grand total= 1070 steem

Sir I am humbly requesting that you take a look into this proposal old as the passion and talent of so many people our there will be manifested and their dreams come true.
I believe in music
I believe in STEEMJET
I believe in STEEMIT

Thanks for your time sir


Nicely, said sir @dimimp. The bigger boys teams, like Spain, Germany (German machines), Portuguese, Argentina that, maybe had the fire power to stop Brazil, have gracefully crashed out of Kings Landing (Russia and The Cup) 😁😁!!

And now, looking at the likes of France (having the likes of mpappe, griezmann, pogba and even Raphael varane!!) 🤔🤔. I do believe they have what it takes to stop Neymar.

Am not rulling out, other teams that are still present, but we have to accept the hard truth. The probability of the cup coming to South America and North America is quite high.

Quite, intriguing by the performance of Belgium, Russia especially and Uruguay (having the best two deadly strikers in the world, in the likes of Luis Suarez and Edison Cavani). And Croatia having some amazing players like Lukas Modric, Rakitic, Ivan Perisic.

Uruguay, Belgium, Croatia and Russia, England have what it takes, to stop Brazil and there raging demon players.

I will predict that, the final match would be between Brazil and Uruguay, and the final score would be a 3:1 match in favour of Brazil

Sir, @dimimp, my proposal for an official steemjet T-shirt followed with a write up is almost done. Am having @joshuaetim (leading HR @steemjet) reviewing the sample design I did send to him.

These T-shirts when it's finally out, with your support will give members of steemjet (steemjetters) a unique look and would even make @steemjet a house hold name on every lips of individuals who come and here's about it.

These design, would speak a lot, it's going to be a trademark for we proud members of @steemjet to wear and be proud to be a steemjetter.

It's an innovation that I have decided to do, and I wdo really want and need to contribute immensly to @steemmjet and it's community. I love what I do, and that's makes me unique in my own way.

Would keep you updated sir, when my proposal letter is written, sir @dimimp.

"On the wings of supper stars; we are words and Steem"

I think no one can surely predict.the team who will beautifully play with no mistakes will win.but my best wishes are with brazil as they play with all their passion theiir team is outstanding.

i hope brazil win the 2018 fifa world cup.Beacuse there is no champion and previous runners up.But there are some powerfull opponent like belgium,france,uruguay.I astonished to see the team Russia.How can they reach the top 8? Nobody see this type of fifa in the football history ever.

The target in world cup is actually the cup itself. Every team plays for victory and not actually to entertain again. That's why fair game is scarce. @dimimp sir, if these scorers are allowed the likes of Neymar by those defenders 10goals by one striker would have been the least. That is just my view.

IV Boyee 2.png

Would you support the Meflyn Awana's event financially??


I can send you 1000 steem to help get it kicked off!


Thanks a bunch Sir!


If only I can get this amount of steel then my steemjetmusic will be possible.... Plz sir @dimimp help me out as God would always bless you out...

Brazil well done performing in this match.

France to beat brazil and possibly win the cup

i think belgium can beat brazil and win the world cup


Belgium has the upper edge but let's not forget what Brazil has achieved over the past. They have a habit of scoring in big games

England can beat brazil but all teams are equal now . no favourite

i think belgium will beat brazil if they meet

Yeah! You are right @dimimp FIFA needs to know that some players too needs to be given such opportunities available for Neymar in order to perform well on the field too like him. Equality is needed in the pitch. No players wants to be injured though and some goal don't want to be in the shoe of Loris Karina over the champions league final between the Real Madrid, he cried the hell out and was captured on camera.
Having said that, hope you haven't forgotten about my project?

"A campaign to help improve the kado kuchi community standard of living"



THE QUOTATIONS. ..................(STEEM AT 450NAIRA/1)
The clearing of the waste........................................................115steem($143.75)
Fumigating of the land and it environment. .........................169steem($211.25)
Purchasing of waste collector................................................334steem($417.5)

TOTAL...................618Steem ($772.77)
THE QUOTATIONS..........................2 ......... (STEEM AT 450NAIRA/1)
Dangote cement..... ...... ....... .......... 5 Bags (2570/1= 12,850...28.5steem)... ($35.6)
Gravel (1-1/4 inch)..................................................14 Tonnes (155 Steem = $194.4)
Sand..........................................................20 Tonnes (99.1 Steem = $123.8)
Pipes For the drainage .............................................. (107 Steem = $134.2)
Labour/Service...........................................(197 Steem = $246.3)

TOTAL = 586 STEEM ($733.25)

GRAND TOTAL =733.25 + 618 = 1351.25 STEEM ($1689.1)

Here are the links to the related post

Croatia can also beat brazil with an amazing midfielder like modric and rakitic

Brazil is one of the best teams as of now as it has been since a long team.
But this world cup blew me off, all I see is the big guns returning home . Football is so unpredictable these days and the competition these days is unbelievable.
So I guess we don't know who will win this world cup and we will know only after the finals. @dimimp

I actually think Belgium can take them down.

Definitely going to be BELGIUM
Going to be war against star players dominating the both teams

I will go for belgium !!!
Meanwhile a lil reminder for you boss @dimimp

Passion2Profit with subjects on :
Blockchain technology
Scheduled to be held on the 14th of july 2018, @ the federal university of technology owerri(FUTO).
The idea of the seminar is to educate and create awarness to the people about steem(it) as there seem to be little or no knowlegde about steem(it) in the state despite the presences of seven higher institution in the state.
In attendance for the seminar as speakers are @lordjames, @profchydon, @uche-nna and a few others who are yet to be confirmed.

Below is the estimate for the seminar and its cost:

Estimate for the Passion2Profit Seminar
Estimated audience: 150
Speakers :4
Special Gues. : 1
Total. :155 persons

Hall/decoration. : 60 STEEM
Additional chairs and table. 20 STEEM
Projector/sound/light/fan. : 70 STEEM
Security. 30 STEEM
Refreshment/entertainment : 130 STEEM
*flex banner(2) 5000 each) : 25 STEEM
Posters: : 23 STEEM
Hand bills. 30 STEEM

Speakers/ other steemjet members
Refreshment. (8) : 47 STEEM
Polo.(8) (3000) : 45 STEEM
Miscellaneous. 30 STEEM


We really need your financial support @dimimp ant that of any other steemjetian willingly to help as the date for the seminar is almost here

France can beat brazil

My bet is France or England that has a chance to beat Brazil.
Mbappe looks pretty good so far.

Well said boss... The fair play for all would make the game more interesting with less injuries. That said... I think Belgium has been amazing in this world cup..

After reading all the comments herein and going through the hurdle to scroll upwards and drop mine, i have lost idea of what i wanted to say and i indeed has been initiated into the main idea that @dimimp must be a superstar to engage this kind of followership.
keep it up man, you're trying!

@dimimp i have dropped links to my collectio of logo designs. and I also made a gif using my device with some of those designs. and you haven't said anything about them. I know you are a busy person. but I would like to know that you like them. I'm really working hard here on Steemjet to get noticed .


Brazil is going with the cup. I'm so sure about it

I think Brazil has great opportunity to win this world cup. On the other hand, I am amazed to watch France's football. This team can beat Brazil.

Croatia will beat Brazil. They have been exceptional on the field of play lately. I Know the chances of this happening might be very slim. However I want one of the small teams to take over the world. We are tired of these big countries and their politics with FIFA

Exactly, it is a terrible thing for the goal keeper. As good as De Gea is, he is terrible with penalty kicks. Hardly seen him save any and like you said, no one wants to watch the replay of going the wrong way when the ball went another, especially when the hopes of a nation or club rests on you to at least keep them in the game.

Nice thoughts on this sir. Well done sir.

In beating Brazil. Belgium might do the magic. They will definitely give it their last fight, having all the big teams and names being sent home. Brazil might follow next.


i definitely do not think belghium can do d magic

but what i can say is dat if the game goes either way

whoever wins is likely to go home with the cup


France isn't a work over team as perceived


That Belgium's last game doesn't look like they will defeat Brazil, they were so fortunate to have overcome Japan, in fact, they were lucky.


Sometimes, one need luck to move to the next phase. Every team do have their bad playing time. Though Germany got kicked out doesn't mean they are no good players there even if they came to return the cup and register their presence. Lets wait and see


Let me tell you that it's too soon to bet.
I have never seen such a competitive tournament in my life.


Yes, that is why I will beat all odds against Brazil. They are obviously the last big team still standing.

Neymar is the best.. PicsArt_07-04-12.59.14.jpg

Brazil is a favorite for this world cup, but France and Belgium are going to do wonders too

According to football history, it's French. Brazil always defeated by French on FIFA World Cup round...

IMG-20180524-WA0002.jpgSteemjet on wings of superstar we are words and steem... IMG![IMG-20180524-WA0002.jpg](


my entry for the gif. Andreas Christensen falling multiple times.


You have something to say???

Brazil !!!!!!!
The boss team,,
i wish it will be the eighteenth Champion team..
some doubt on France,,but they count them too,,
Thanks for sharing

Here is my entry for the steemjet logo design...
We are going to topple iver bitcoin

Hello @dimimp here is my entry for the dimix design

Croatia might Surprise the world

Currently I am very confident France meet Brazil and with their current ability I am sure France can stop Brazil step and become the winner of world cup 2018.

Sir i think you have missed to see my design logo for Steemjet ... sir I want to be the part of Steemjet community ..... please just look at my logo for Steemjet I have spend days on design such logo for Steemjet logo contest I hope you like it and give you valuable comments on it
Here is the link

you want a Liverpool Vs Arsenal with Salah scoring a hatrick 😁😁😁

Brazil is a strong opponent but probably loses to Russia


Brazil is a strong
Opponent but probably
Loses to Russia

                 - gvand

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Since have waited for too long Without your response, I feel maybe you are not okay with the initiative.
I'd prefer to self vote to bring this plan to reality but Due to the 600 delegated SP it might take a long time before I could raise funds for the initiative.
I'll request for an increase in SP which will help me generate funds within fast period of time to run the project.
Thanks @dimimp as I await your response.

This world cup has surprised everyone. A perfect leader always win

hello @dimimp i want to work for your team .how can i be a member ?

Congratulations @dimimp!
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Belgium is winning Brazil 3-1


Dear Boss @dimimp, I and my two friends, live in a small poor community in Southern Nigeria, a community struck by poverty in its severest form. There are so many young people with so many great potentials in this community. However they are limited by poverty, disease and death. It is a tropical community and therefore, it is struck with so many tropical diseases especially those caused by mosquitoes which include Malaria, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, etc.

Within the past few months, I gained some money on Steemit and I figured out that I could use this money to change these people's destinies and help them to remain alive to become superstars. On this note, I purchased mosquitoe nets and together with my friends, we distributed them to all residents, free of charge while introducing them tk Steem and Steemit.

Me and my caring friends distributed the nets free of charge while educating them about Steem and the need to adopt it and soread the news to all their friends too
They were very happy to not only be blessed but also taught by us

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We want to continue these goods works in this community and even spread it to neighbouring communities.

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This is our budget for this project.

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All these will be steem branded because we wantbto create more awareness about steem and help to actualize its global adoption in our own capacity.
Please Sir, we are waiting for your positive response. We have no other place to go to as I've been trying to source for funds from different sources without any success.
"You @dimimp have the key to our everlasting life"

Please note that this is a proposal, therefore you are not bound to give us all at the moment. If you tell us, take 1500 STEEM for now, we will still be eternally grateful to you. We will owe our lives to you and we will smile even in our graves when we look back and remember that with your help, we could change the lives of one thousand Nigerians.

I know you are the final answer and that you will help this small impoverished community to live their dreams and fulfill their God-given potentials. God bless you.

Yours sincerely.


France will beat brazil. but the world cup is a tough tournament. the favourites where knocked out .....

thanks you so much i appreciate your post ..