The Steemjet World Cup - Day 4 - How in the world did we train earth's first Space Force so fast?

2년 전

We used blockchain technology.

"Steemjet Space Force - Mission Accomplished"

Today, everybody wants to have a Space Force to "explore new horizions and tame new frontiers"

Who wouldn't?

But building a team of unique genii is a little more difficult than sourcing a soccer team. You wouldn't just pay a few kids to show up, buy them some matching shirts and call them a soccer team any more than you would throw a wad of cash at some pilots and call them a Space Force.

You actually need to discover players who love the game. Find talent that is obsessed with perfection. Seek the minds who perform a skill better than anyone else. This gives you the best chance of hitting your performance targets when you are up in the air.

@mdnazmulhasan (SF6)

Sourcing talent was difficult prior to the invention of free and secure immutable data storage. You simply cannot purchase a more qualified Space Force anywhere else in the modern employment era because the smartest kids in the world want to get paid in crypto. And thanks to the invention of free and secure immutable data storage, future business is frictionless.

@samuel9135 (SF3)

Our goal of complete cosmic STEEM adoption requires that we budget our capital carefully. You can't just go blowing your budget on every proposal and hope to retain your talented Space Force under contract. Now that we have a qualified Space Force, our message is clearly articulated for the world to hear.

Steemjet Media is @vheobong @profchydon @kristenantai @mathemandy @kekegist

@graface (SF7)

@deandaniel (SF1)

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@samuel9135 I must say you doing a great work.
Am impress with it , keep it up.

I would donate my 100% steem to the human race because serving humanity has been a thing i have passion for and also to be a reason for someone to smile just as you are doing. Then finally to see that the goal of steemjet is attianed at it full potential.

Steem is something that everyone should know about and feel what it can do.

Hi @dimimp

It's your steemjetter Juliet here

It's been a sweet ride on the space force team and I decided to do another song for Steemjet.

Here's a link to the song....

This 👆 could have been better if I had a better sound system and better recording gears for good production but due to the lack of funds, I am unable to get them.

You promised to get me on the next payroll but I am yet to receive any funding to this effect.

Here's a list of some of the things I'll need to get....

Guitar — 50 steem
Camera tripod stand — 50 steems
Video Camera — 300 steems
Laptop for editing the video — 300 steems
Recording gear for better production - 400 steems

Making it a total of 1100 Steems

This could be purchased in bits.

There's a raw music which I'm working on for Olivia to preach crytocurrency to kids with the song but it wouldn't come out better if there are no better recording gears to this effect.

I and Uche-nna are also putting together some songs to come up with very soon but all these will require funds on my end as Uche-nna and I are still miles away.

I'll be grateful if my approval is granted.

Thanks for the promotion @dimimp

Here's a design for the CEO of steemjet; @uche-nna the jet pack holder and his sidekick @jesse12..


Welcome boss, hope you will be doing great.
Accept a little love from my side.
I will not say anything more. But it just took half of my day.
please checkout this link for full post.



Why I would donate 100% of my steem to humanity...,
because I've learnt the very act of selflessness in another dimension, from you @dimimp.
Because as you've shone your light so far, unconsciously giving us permission to do same.
Because for some of us on this jet, we were people who never truly had a community we could call ours, untill you brought steemjet to us.
Because I believe that this is the age of abundance, and as such, no one should be left behind when it comes to the knowledge of steem and cryptos, to enable them leverage on the endless opportunities within it to attain financial freedom.

Congratulations to @samuel1935, this was an excellent attempt to create something spectacular


Hello dimimp this is @emapto365 speaking.

I conducted a writing contest on @steemjetcontests for the first time on steemjet this month and the contest was on the topic



cool steemjet photograph by @mrpiusz

It was a 300 words essay writing contest and creative writers were given the chance to express theirselves about what they can do to promote steem, I spent a whole day and a whole night without sleep to read 120 entries.

TEN Winners were rewarded $10 upvotes each! After I have paid all of them in upvotes, I found out that upvoting Sucks!!!

The writers did very well just like the artist and the designer and I also found that they are very ready to promote steem according to what they wrote. Winning a contest that gives them liquid steem and time as an ecouragement to do what they wrote could encourage them to do their bests in the way they wrote.
I will need your big support to run a contest that is supposed to onboard creative writers on steemjet too if steemjet truly has a place for everyone. Most of the writers wants their way into the steemjet community but they cannot join us since they are restricted by graphic designers.
The next writing contest will come up next week and I request for 3500 liquid steem to run the contest. I will not agree reveal the topic the writers will compete on yet, because it is a contest anyway.
The previous contest was breathtaking as writers gave valid points and said what they could do just to get a $10upvote. I imagine if they had won liquid steem that will encourage them to go on with what they can do to promote steem it could have been better.

Here is a link to check out the winners of the previous writing contest that went on at @steemjetcontests


3500 LIQUID STEEM to run the writing contest and pay for all time expenses that will be incurred by the Judges that will judge this contest.

When you approve this request and send the 3500steem. Just then, you will realize that you have just created a new portal to expand the creativity aboard steemjet

Thanks you
Yours sincerely

Hello Boss @dimimp
Please i will love to get a responds for this request so we can quickly proceed towards the preparation for @steemcamp gand finale

This is one of my comment you upvoted

go out and talk to 1000 people, and I will reward you for it, and you do not need to post here for me, because it is ok, no hard feelings.

Sir @dimimp, I have spent all my time from January till date Spreading the gospel of steem. 95% of my post are #promo-steem

But bringing new people especially youth has not been easy. But selfless serving financial freedom to humanity through the introduction of the steem blockchain network is worth the sacrifice of travelling.


Hi, My name is Michael Chijioke @michaelcj on
I am a Steem Promoter and a Blockchain entertainer(event host and Dancer)
I have travelled more than 15 cities promoting steem in Nigeria

This video contains @michaelcj

  • introducing more than 2000 students of the University of Anambra

  • A dance presentation with the winners of the dance competition and giving them cash prize for being carefully chosen by the audience

  • This was an awareness program to also inform them about @steemcamp initiative because of the hunger to onboard new people early this year.


I got more passionate in promoting steem that led to my powering down my hard earned 1100 steem power. But I am happy to know of a man on steem blockchain who delegated back to my account with me asking for it. I am really grateful @dimimp for the love you have shown towards me. The steem power will be used to curate @steemjet and the steemians who i am onboarding to steemit via steemcamp

I also built a strong online presence on facebook and instagram by hosting an online contest


After 5 months of Non-stop promotion, I am happy to find you sir @dimimp

I and my team also hope you can support this event which will be on the 2nd - 8th of July.

I and my team alwas believe in Synergy
and collaboration thats why we are happy to propose to you some of the designs that will be printed on our reachout and publicity tool


With your support, We hope to print 100 pieces of Tshirt for all team members and Contestant of steemcamp.


At steemcamp grand finale (2nd - 8th of July), we will set a day aside to reachout and distribute Educational materials to more than 500 children.

I have been giving all my time, steem and skill to onboard new leaders on the blockchain thats why we will be greatful to get your full support.

Thanks to @lordjames @honourmaus @jacobite @ewuoso for introducing steemjet to me.


i am glad to have the same vision with Steemjet and happy to be hired via the delegated sp.

The Total sum budget for this event is now 2890 steem as we also seek support from others.
but time is no longer on our side as we really need to secure the venue hall with 400 steem
accommodation and welfare for 7 days over 55 steemcampers - 900steem, Guest artist which will draw a lot of audience both offline and online will cost 900 steem, Printing of flyers, banners, tshirts and education materials is 750steem and other logistics.

Sir @dimimp, its challenging to successfully reachout to the offline world and also be very active on steemit at the same time especially when there is financial constrain. I am happy that i found you and hope you support this project in any way as soon as possible.

Here is my first proposal before giving me the delegated sp

As for @uche-nna voice recording, i can provide a very good producer who has a mobile studio for him record, he can produce the beat if you will loke to hear different demos.
We alsp hope to feature @uche-nna as a geust art at the grand final show for Miss Steem Nigeria and One Steem Stage talent quest (ste concert)

We hope to get a positive reply. Thans for your support in advance

Its your Steemjet entertainer @michaelcj


no problem I still have some steem left, I can send you 1000


Hello @dimimp,

Please do check this is out. I thought you had approved 100% funding for the project initially.

It is a campaign that is targeting important classes of people in the largest population density area in Nigeria; The Northern Nigeria.

Steemjet in Arewa Campaign

This project will greatly benefit the Steemjet Community as new influx of talented people will be brought to Steemjet and Steem blockchain.

This is a massive project and I've discussed it with other Steemjet Space Force Members, like @lordjames, @lifeofdarlington, @uche-nna and others.
They all love the idea and we are looking forward to your support and approval to turn this into a bigger event for steemjet.

Please do check out the proposal and introduction post for the Steemjet in Arewa Campaign here:

Thank you @dimimp and the entire team will be delighted to have your support 100% on this project.

Thank you! image

Steemjet —On the wings of superstars, we're word and steem!


(I did promise that all posts would be dipped into the world cup this month,

Boss @dimimp you said all post would be dipped into the world cup this month, seeing that it is the world cup season, so i decided to participate in the bird mascot. My entry was clearly one of the best but i'm surprised that it was not regarded at all.
I don't know where @lordjames gets his art definitions from, but normally a mascot is related to sporting activity, so i gave it a sporty look, the steemjet soccer team!!

this is the link to the steemjet official mascot result


You deserve some accolades for this move boss.

I have my personal project that needs funding but I'd rather keep my own aside for this one.

You asked for how I can serve the human race, this is me serving the human race; bringing people with ideas and dreams to steemjet and steemit at large.

I will continue to preach steem and fly the steemjet flag high.


I know how difficult it is getting buried in crowd when trying to seek audience.
I remember how excited you sounded when I told you about @steemjet and maybe use the @steemcamp event as an avenue to try the participants on how to use steem blockchain and introducing them to the steemjet community.

We can have one day from the 7 days set aside to tell them about steem jet and even run a live steemjet contest during the camp.
This is how to make people believe in steem.
When they see the effect of it.

I wish @dimimp sees and also picks this project up. The camping starts in less than 11 days time and the sbd and steem price drop is seriously affecting the funding of steemcamp.
You have done a lot for the steem blockchain and your work are visible in the Nigerian communities.
I am literally a product of your effort, I remembered when you assisted me in the payment of my school fees. I was almost kicked out of school then.

Goodluck bro, you will need it. I just vote your comment for more visibilities.
I pray @dimimp sees it.


Thanks you so much @jacobite for event telling me about @dimimp and @steemjet. I had no where to run to after most of my supporters ported to #eos.

I am literally a product of your effort, I remembered when you assisted me in the payment of my school fees. I was almost kicked out of school then.

Thank God its bomaranging for my good. Thank God you also kept grinding bro. I am happy for youemr success.


You are welcome bro...


Good work dude, you made a big move.

Steem isn't just some crpto, it is also a social media platform just like facebook, instagram and likes of it. This feature is what makes it different from the rest of the other crypto.
Facebook became popularly used as more people started using and talking about it. "Celebrities,politician and role models " made use of it and boom!!! Everyone wanted to use it

If Ronaldo talks about steem today, most investors would love to invest in it, more superstars would jump in to the platform.

What makes the difference?
Steemjet helps to actualize these dreams, Ever thought of how the steemit blockchain would stay on trending pages of social media if we create our own SUPERSTARS! ?

Talent is a gift that cannot be denied, it is physically seen by all.

Why dont we create our own superstars by making them become one, this way the story becomes more interesting.

The Steemjet music department has stayed dormant since you last created it and funded the department to buy gears, Lets pitch ourselves out there. We have suceeded in buying gears, What is left?

We lack professional producers to harness the full power of the PRESONUS STUDIO ONE PRO DAW we purchased, We want to brand ourselves and pitch our talent for the world to see.

We have decided you fully sponsor two steemjet members to a music school to learn production and improve their vocal skill, meet and make connections from there with great people. Get managed by managers. Create our own record label. This will cost a lot of hardwork and cream to achieve. So we have decided that @etemi and @mrprecious whom are the co founder and early starters of steemjet music get choose to embark on this journey to success as a lomg term goal is worth the wait.

We want to create the steemjet record label and make real life superstars from there that would help pitch steem to the World using Music and Entertainment as the medium.

Just hold on @dimimp. This is all we need for steem adoption. Just before you ask for the budget. We do not love yo you for steem, We love for your words. "A lanister always get good projects done".
We need 5,000 steem to start up a record label this is because steem is very low at the moment and in the real world a music school is very expensive to attend @etemi and @mrprecious are the nominated ones to go to a music school to learn production fully and professionally at BERKLEY SCHOOL OF MUSIC,it is one of the best music schools you can find.

The STEEMJET MUSIC, hopes that you support this project as it will help achieve global adoption and create superstars

Invest in Steemjet entertainment record label

Hi @dimimp my Name is Princess Vanessa and am a musician I've been singing since i was a kid
Well I've taken the step to start up my career here is a short clip of my preparation for a concert called king makers concert

I also did a theme song for steemjet i want to be a part of @steemjetmusic

I hope you like it music is all I've got but sometimes talent isn't enough to make you successful i need funding i also got involved in @steemcamp that was how i got to know about steemit because @michaelcj introduce steemit to me he's the founder of the @steemcamp project.
Also @uche-nna as also been a great motivation for me on steemit @dimimp thanks for giving your help to talented unemployed youth and i hope you help also reaches me.


You have a nice voice


wow......i like this one

Hello dear @dimimp I'm here requesting you to get what i deserve.

I was with you before steemjet projects and after i supported this project with all my heart and abilities but unfortunately you didn't see this effort.

You promised me that you will reward me for my efforts but you didn't.

I'm a old member but you didn't give me a rule in a department or a delegations to support the newbies in steemjet community.

I still promoting steem blockchain through steemjet thoughts in the schools, the collages and the universities, even you didn't support me i still support this project because i see the future of steem blokchain in steemjet project.

Finally hope you read my request and give me what i deserve. I need 2000 Liquid Steem to build the studio and start the promoting of steemjet trip. My art can send our messages easily and faster.

Special Greetings.


This comment has received a 1.43 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @soufianechakrouf.

@dimimp music is one of the easiest ways to preach crypto currency and steem adoption to, as far as ghosts, they understand music also. Since you are interested in making superstars out of steemjet and we already have the steemjetmusic department which you kick started yourself. You should be one of the early investor in the music department. We would like to get better musicical skills because steemjet loves classic things. So the proposal is for you to become an early investor and send two people from the music department i nominate myself and @mrprecious to a good music school so that we can get better kmowledge from professionals learn more stuffs about music. This will cost about 5000 steem but steem price currently is low . We would represent steemjet in the school and make the brand proud for the time its going to run

Consider these proposals. Cause #we are the future of steemjet

Like you said "don't love me for my steem, love me for my words". We believe in your words. So just say the word. Done ! And we will be assured that it will be done @uche-nna the CEO and @jesse12 are fully in support of this and they support our dreams.


@dimimp it has always been my dreams to attend a music school and also get professional certifications on song writer and acoustic music productions @etemi i am deeply humbled by this nomination and as the head of the music department i must say thank you for you for your unwaivered supports so far ,you are indeed a blessing and a diamond in the rough dear. @dimimp this will be a dream come true indeed and i cannot but thank you enough for your support of talent so far you the real mvp and the true artisan here.

This might also be a reason why you gave all your steem to the SpaceForce members.
The media Team is at it again :

Attaining Global Adoption with SteemJet Media!!


Congratulations @Samuel 9135...your hard work has pay you off... Well done


I participated in the steemjet gold contest but unfortunately it seems my.reward was sent to the wrong account my username is @kally but my reward was sent to @kaffy and i have proof


The account it was sent to is a new account and the account has no post so there is no way the person would have participated in the contest


My name was among the list of entries see the evidence, i will also show evidence of my post


I would be glad if this error is rectified thanks once again to @dimimp for this wonderful initiative


Thank you very much sir I really appreciate everything you have done for me and STEEMJET community @dimimip and thank you for the promotion


Congratulations @samuel, you deserve every bit of the reward....


Congrats Sam, your designs were spot on! Very spectacular i must confess


Thank you very much


Congrats man


Thank mate

  ·  2년 전



Hello sir @dimimp,

I start by giving you my profound gratitude and sincerest respect for being our bedrock and the photosynthesis behind our chlorophyll. I can't thank you enough for this, it has been you, you and you all this while, i am grateful.

Sir @dimimp, something is bothering me so much and i think it is height time i bring it to your notice.

Let me go straight to the point.

I made a proposal of #2600 steem for my ART INITIATIVE FIR KIDS earlier which you approved and sent me #500 steem out of the said #2600 budget, and at the same time ask me to use some of it and improve my gear.

I followed your instructions and proceeded but was hanged on the way due to the price of steem which sinks every minute this days.
The budget was #2600 and you sent #500 having #2100 left(Budget deficit).
I am supposed to have written this post before now but held on due to the current situation of the company's capital. However you will blame me if I die in silence, I have to tell you what is bothering me right now.

Below are the steps i have made lately for the initiative

  1. Printed uniform which has my disco vibe logo on it.
    The back.

And also The black and white @shartzy logo version.

  1. The image below is to be printed on the smaller size T-shirts as many as possible for the kids(They will wear it during the classes)
    ARTS FOR KIDS 2.jpg
    and the back.
    ARTS FOR KIDS 4.jpg
  2. Below is one of the pages from the pamphlet I designed to be printed, which during the classes, The kids will be learning how to draw the printed crypto logos on their own drawing books which i will have to provide for them.
    Believe me, it is all gonna be fun.
    ARTS FOR KIDS pmm.jpg

The problem now is, the price of steem is going down coupled with the limited fund in the company.





To the office of the lannister

Due to the recent increase / abuse / unaccounted amount of incoming proposals presented on steemjet, I have devised a means and a solution to keep proposal/budgets accounted for and this will be done with the idea presented below.



on the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.


Steemjet as a community has so many initiatives in which we use to bring about our aim which is global mass adoption of steem. From recent activities, here are a list of initiatives that has begun already on steemjet and they are the preach initiative which involves spreading the gospel of steem/steemjet by discussions and seminar offline base. Another initiative is the online social media campaigns used to promote steem/steemjet online to the world and all this are being executed on a time to time basis. Other initiatives are also created undwe thia two categories which are either offline or online. In each initiatives (not necessarily) funds might be required to run them if needs must and this funds are presented in form of proposals/budget. In recent weeks, proposals have been issued to departments and also specific steemjet individuals to carry out the task on their budget for their initiative. Steemjet Sponsor and fore-runner @dimimp has distributed steemjet's capital, what we refer to as our IST (Initial Steemjet Funding). On the basis of this funding, we are required to carry out specific task as assigned on our various budgets.

images (7).jpeg

This concept of proposals are however being abused by some individuals and should be monitored. Now, Don't Panic.... No one is pointing fingers at anyone. Our Fore-runner @dimimp might not be able to assess the views of each delegate because of time but however when there's a problem or an issue, all I see is solution. It is however logical in an organization, for issues to arise and with the state of affairs, problems are not what we need but solutions.

unnamed (17).jpg

If you've been observant enough, you should be up to date with the latest on steemjet and currently, @dimimp, our fore-runner is out of capital and all funds (IST) has been distributed and so in a particular period of time, we would need to make use of the IST until a supplement is made by @dimimp to re-imburse jet-funds. Other than this, we have to make use of what we have now and that is our delegated Power to generate income for what we lack, that is the way forward.

Few days ago, I started a FUND-RAISER project using @steemjet-support account to raise funds for future use.

Why Raise Funds?

This is done to prepare for immediate needs to come as there might not be a means of liquid funding presently and doing this was one of my first order of bussiness as a Steemjet Project-Dev/Manager.

images (8).jpeg


As well as we will love to keep everything smooth and running as I mentioned earlier on, issues will fall into place and I have provided a solution to the excess amount of proposals presented everyday. In order to keep things moderate and well accounted for, I have devised a means to assess and review each proposal before fowarding it to our fore-runner @dimimp. This means are to be kept lenient so as to make sure everyone is ok with it and there's a calm in the air for delegates and none delegates alike.

Disclaimer : I am not the owner of steemjet and this idea can be aplauded by @dimimp and put to use effectively or can be edited


I have devised two options in which we can make sure proposals and budgets are well accounted for without causing a fuzz or "shaking the jet » steemjet" , As my next move in line of bussiness, I would assign a team of steemjet moderators...... This moderators are in no means your superiors or in charge of anything you do, they are as plain as a normal steemjetter like you. Their only task is to review your proposals and budgets and consider them acceptable, pending, editing, or rejecting. This is so that the amount of proposals flying in will be accounted for and we do not make looses on our capital. In other words, the funds can be able to be in check and available for various needs and not some particular needs alone.

How do I intend on doing this?

There are two options in place which will be reviewed by @dimimp and those are -
• A team of Jet-mods made up of five steemjet delegates will be in place for reviewing every proposal before it is accepted, in by any means, they can restructure the proposal to make sure every single detail and needs are accounted for. The first option requires stress but will be done without question and that is because, we will need to monitor every activities under the steemjet tag to make sure we can review all the proposals.
• The second option is to assign all IST to Jet-mod and proposals will be funded by the steemjet moderation team. What do I mean? In simpler words, our fore-runner @dimimp will fund our jet-mod account @steemjet-support and this will be used to fund proposals. Jet-mods in this case will be responsible for reviewing and giving out the funds to delegates and departments alike. This will bring a cleaner platform for all steemjetters and will keep the boss's blog @dimimp proposal-free and hence, only valuable discussions and reports will be discussed on @dimimp's blog.


In my opinion, the second option is considerable as there will be a large drop in abuse of proposals and this will keep delegates in order and happy. This is merely a creative idea to help out with issuing of proposals and will be left to @dimimp to assess and if considered valid will be used in future assessments of proposals whereby a team of five jet-mods will be put together by me to review and issue out funding and we would have an account for that which will be @steemjet-support.

Discussions & Reviews

Reports have been filed in and because I have time, I can make use of it to carry out such task technical wise and otherwise and at this point in time, a solution like this will be best used in making sure everyone is happy. Critism, commendations and your views are welcomed here. Let us know how we can better this idea.

Steemjet Project Dev/Manager

SF - 1 @Gutzygwin


And i for curation, to make you stressfree @dimimp.
I am assisted with the help of your delegate @sheriffakin.


Sir dimimp, this is my logo in the business card.


I love this..its beautiful


Nice work @steemedi




This is beautiful, curated.



@samuel9135 is a superstar, his images have blown my mind, all thanks to you minning superstars with steem. This is a new phase of steem you just made me realise, steem is a miner of superstars you just proved this with your genius mind. Thank you baba for helping us SF shine!
He will be very effective, hes too brilliant

Steemjet Campus Busters plead your attention here. Superstars are out there waiting to fly @dimimp



That's right, it's better since it's open source. I've given the account access details to @lordjames as you said. But, before giving away all your money, I'll appreciate you include me in your plans too.

The other music artists that received gears aren't staying close to me, so, it will be quite difficult going to their place to use their gears.

I have bought a PC already, I still need some gears to make it complete. Here are the things I need:

  • Focusrite scarlett solo {an audio box which comes with free recording/mixing software}. = 300steem
  • Samson C01 microphone = 200steem
  • Semi-Acoustic guitar = 150steem
  • KRK KNS6400 Headphone = 90steem
  • Microphone tripod stand = 60steem
  • Pop filter = 30steem
  • XLR cables - (Mic cable) = 25steem
  • Camera - {for a better video quality & editing} = 400steem

Which totals = 1255steem.
Due to the present price value of steem, seems the price of these gears.

Working as an SF member and working with you has helped me achieved a lot, I'll be grateful if you look into my needs boss @dimimp.

@dimimp sir first of all Thank you very much for everything you have done us and STEEMJET community
Am Samuel9135 your steemjet quarterly
@dimimp I am working very hard for steemjet All of my design and art work I use my cellphone to design it I need help in getting a computer
Am a student...

Pictures of Some STEEMJET members who helped me in going around school to teach the kids about computer, cryptocurrency, Olivia and the superstar

The sport event we organize for the kids



Teaching The kids about steemjet and crypto



And it was fun playing with the kids the can be annoying at times Lol



We went to the higher institution to spread the word steemjet and cryptocurrency



motherless baby home @candy1

#DAY 6

we didn't have enough funds. We decided that our friend @sirdeza to teach The kids at the orphanage arts(drawing). So he was able to do these...


My proposal


We need 4 computers......... 400 steem
Rent a space one Year.......... 150 steem
Furnitures and fittind ........... 200 steem
Printing machine ................. 200 steem
electricity ...............................100 steem
Projector .... .............................50 steem
Digital camera ..........................200 steem

(Total steem............................... 1300 steem )

people that help make this possible





After the first funding the office will be funding it's self

[We will call It steemjet computer training, for kids we will be dealing on # graphics design, # Programing, # networking, # image editing,

like you said If you are requesting funding, then show me what you did with the last cash infusion I sent you before telling me what you plan to do with the next big fat wad of cash I am about to launch your way! Steemjet, all the way! We used are own funds to make this one happened.

We haven't been funded before and I'll be very grateful if you do this for us and the people this STEEMJET computer training will help. thank you. your STEEMJET quarterly


Good work.guys.


Thanks steemjet made it all possible

I participated in the steemjet gold contest but unfortunately it seems my.reward was sent to the wrong account my username is @kally but my reward was sent to @kaffy and i have proof


The account it was sent to is a new account and the account has no post so there is no way the person would have participated in the contest


My name was among the list of entries see the evidence, i will also show evidence of my post


I would be glad if this error is rectified thanks once again to @dimimp for this wonderful initiative


Oops, I'll check your complains out and if it's so I'll send you the Steem from my own wallet. Must have been a mistake so I apologize for that. I'll look into this by morning. Sorry for the inconvenience.



What is a talent show?

A talent show is an event where participants performs talent of various kinds to showcase their skill.

Dear @dimimp, to further the goal of global steem adoption, the steemjet dream me and my team; [@blake.offishall, @geyzee, @cuiddyjahorge, @jayjay19, @benakich] started the steemjet talent show. We discovered a gap in our community and with the power of steemjet, we would like to bridge this gap. So we seek to create a platform for teens to shine like superstars just like Olivia. We realize that everyone was not supposed to end up in the classroom, so we took to the streets in search of talents

to find the next superstars in the category of: 1. singing 2. dance 3. Modelling 4. Oratory 5. Writing 6. Sport show

Here are some pictures and videos;

The girl in the picture below was beaming with smiles.


We paid for her entire bucket of pure water while we educated her on steem, we further asked her what talent she had and we were so blown away when she started to sing with such a bold and amazing voice. She is one of our contestant in the singing category.

We further met these boys later on while shooting a dance video.


I dance myself,


we educated them on steem as well and how it can change the world, and on the talent show. They were very eager and couldn’t wait to go tell their friends how amazing steemjet is and how they have become a part of achieving its goals. They claimed they were amazing dancer and we would give them a chance to audition once the competition is set up properly.


°DECORATION………………….. ..50 STEEMS
°SOUND……………………...30 STEEMS
°SNACKS……….…………….65 STEEMS
°GIFTS…. ……………,…….50 STEEMS
[3rd “ “ “ ;5 STEEMS * 6]

***TOTAL……………1042 STEEMS

Steemjet, with its supersonic speed can reach out to our community and create this platform bringing smiles all round, producing the next set of superstars. We promise to take this project seriously and uphold the steemjet dream.

Please Dim will you help us?

Come to our plea🙏


How EFFECTIVE do you thnk that he will be in completing his individual task

As fast as possible @dimimp.



Nice work...this can be used for different purpose.

Total congratulations to @ samuel9135 for their work and talent, which pride share with human resources as valuable as the one you have in the @steemjet master @dimimp; It's wonderful how the SPACE FORCE movement has been growing and it feels so good to see it grow ... I always support those steemit users who give the community a bit more sand. By the way @dimimp, talking about the World Cup, what are your predictions for the cup?

Good morning sir @dimimp, greetings to you from Nigeria. I would like you to take a look at a project I and my team have been running for over six months now but unfortunately we didnt find steemjet on time. We hope you could support The Offline Minnow School. The sole idea of the post is below;

The vision was solely born to improve user participation on steemit and help teach minnows how to succeed here and ultimately in real life while fostering a global steem adoption through massive offline campaigns.

We teach minnows the true essence and meaning of blockchain technology. Our mission is to raise a wave of entrepreneurs leveraging on the steem blockchain as they make life more comfortable for someone else.
We achieve this through a double phase project;

PHASE 1: we in this phase train some minnows at our offline hub to help attain self-sustenance. These minnows will then work with us as team, reproducing other minnows. Currently, we have just wrapped up with phase 1. And phase 2 which is more demanding kicked off last week.

PHASE 2: this basically is the core of the vision and where the absolute idea lies and it goes as follows;
• SKILL ACQUISITION PROJECTS: where various skills will be taught to foster emergence of new entrepreneurs.
• THE MINNOW SCHOOL TALENT HUNT: we greatly hope to give minnows who are not really gifted writers but have other gifts such as singing, painting, dancing, acting a platform to express themselves and get their creativity beyond their minds. Basically, we are giving these young people a voice.
• THE MINNOW SCHOOL ART/MUSIC EXHIBITIONS: where gifted young people will get to showcase their talents and the value they have to offer to the community. We will be sponsoring art projects and professional music careers with this.

Sir, I deeply hope you can sponsor us as we reletlessly promote steemit offline using great strategies. Please watch the clips below to understand the scope of the project better.

An offline Open-mic sessio;

One of our own

Our offline campaigns


just awesome man. enjoy it. i wish @dimimp sir watch this!


Thanks buddy, I hope so too.


you are most welcome!

Hello sir @dimimp.

I will love to join the steemjet community and be active in the media department as we are happy to hear about the good news of your interest on supporting @steemcamp group.

Here is my Logo design

Flat View Presentation






Logo Office Mockup


Flare View








Damn!!! ... Beautiful


Good clicks....I love the rhythm.


@graface, your works are WOW! You are worthy of my vote. Salut!


Thank you very much. Am happy thay you like it. Cheers man


Like it? I love it! I love creative contents -- and yours is no exception. Keep it up!

#55_Dreams Come True.jpg

The new Nigerian jersey designed by Nike was recently announced by FIFA as the best kit for the Russia 2018 worldcup.

Hello @dimimp, how does our steemjet logo look on the best jersey in 2018. Doesn't it simply confirm that steemjet is the best?


Sorry Boss for popping in late... I've been so busy with the Steemjet Games actualization plan with @fidelmboro that I missed out on the contest... Believe me, it's been busy moments after you hurled me onboard the SpaceForce Team. Thanks again, Boss. I cannot appreciate you enough...
However, I did prepare something on the side in response to your call for BETTER designs for Steemjet logo. I did a couple of variance, by the way. Hope you don't mind, I got out of my way to think outside the box a bit (the graphics will tell the story) in trying to introduce some concepts of various options the logo may evolve...
But I didn't leave out the conventional concepts of the logo -- just did some derivatives of same. Anyways, without much talk, I present, the New Steemjet Variance!

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#1.jpg

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#3.jpg

New Steemjet Logo Variance_#2.jpg

Wow, congrats to you @samuel9135, kudos to the media team too.


Why not make it more interesting by printing football with the logo ...

Why not make it more interesting by printing football with the logo ...

Wow winners are born to be genius, Weldone @samuel9135.


Hello @dimimp, I wish to inform you that I have just released my first music production dedicated to the Steemjet Community. I apologise that this is coming very late, it was due to a lot of challenges I had to go through in order to put this all in place. It took me weeks to get the space after series of application to the owner of the facility, I was able to get it for few hours and I'm glad I was able to do something nice with it.
I would also love to appeal to you Sir for help, I have alot to offer to the Steemjet network through my Music but due to lack of funds and equipments, It is proving impossible to achieve anything. I will be glad if you love the music and could help me purchase some equipments. Thank You Sir.

Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings


Good day boss @dimimp.
Prior to your comment on the ID cards made, in which you said you don't like the logo, on that note you open another contest for modification of the logo, and now am back with the new modification of the logo after working on it for weeks so as to make it perfect. I also put the logo on the ID cards to see how perfect it will be on the card, and now it looking perfect on it, I will be happy if you can check it out sir.

Here is the logo

ninoh new logo for steemjet.jpg

Here is the logo on the left side of the ID card and I also have it at the background For the CEO




To donate all your steem to space force is because you really trust them and their projects, because the work they do you like and that's why you decided to give them that opportunity, which in my opinion is a great vote of confidence! Now it is up to thethethey to achieve these projects in order to meet your expectations and they achieve to overcome more and more.

Hello there boss @dimimp You have created a very strong team that works tirelessly. You are an example for everyone.
Great initiatives from the art department once again and great contests once again also.
Sir I am struggling to get in touch with you lately. I try to move on with the longer version of the book you assigned me to do but unfortunately my computer is dead and I am using the phone lately. It seems that I cannot upload those ‘heavy images’ shrazi created until I am able to replace my pc....
Boss I need your help.
I also need your opinion and evaluation if the book is proceeding the way you want it to be and if you have any notifications and stuff that we need to change.
I ll try again to work from the mobile but it seems it is highly unlikely to manage it.
Here is the link once again boss
Waiting for your response.

  ·  2년 전

This video is to appreciate dimimp, steemjet and the space force members. I will be an ingrate if I can't appreciate all what @dimimp, @steemjet and space force members have done for me.

To @dimimp, I really appreciate your support towards steemjet community, you have been a source of blessing to many Steemians already....
Thank you so much For building a strong force for steemjet.

Here it goes

Here is the Lyrics

i wanna say thanks dimimp I wanna say thanks uche-nna I wanna say thanks empato I wanna say thanks... For the thing you have done everthing you will do lordjames I wanna say thank you for the things you have done everything you will do lordjames I wanna say thanks you

Thank you for being a blessing
Thank you for touching lives
thank you for reaching out,
lives far and wide
Thank you
Thank youThank you
making me a force
Thank you.

Am very sorry to the whole community if I have a poor video recording, this happened because, it was recorded by my mobile phone camera.
All the gears used was rented as well.
I wish to do more for the community as I promised.


OK! So I deviated a bit from the assignment Boss Imp gave me and @fidelmboro as I spotted his post on the campaign to hunt for BETTER Steemjet logos. I did some late entries in a hurry 'cause I missed the gist about the contest... However, my Muse moved me to do some more designs about the current FIFA World Cup in Russia.

I wasn't really sure what to do, so I decided to fool around with the designs to see what my Muse would inspire. At the end of it all, I came out with 3 initial designs (still not sure if they'll fly, but I thought Boss Imp might like 'em)...

Anyways, the 1st design is a football version of the Steemjet logo, the 2nd is an extended variance of the same logo introducing the FIFA World Cup in Russia, while the 3rd is a glimpse into the future where Team Steemjet won the final match (against who? Well, I didn't get a glimpse of that part of the future, but who cares? All that matters is that Steemjet won!) -- with Boss Imp holding the Golden World Cup!

Can you beat that!!!


steemjet football.jpg


sttemjet won!!!.jpg

@samuel9135 has done a great job. Well deserved. Congratulations bro

Congratulations @samuel9135, i guess everyone in the space force are contributing in various aspects that would help us achieve our ultimate goal.

I do have a question, since everyone has been limited to posting just two comments, does it apply to my team? Because we use it as an avenue to know/welcome newbies, get to interact with them as well as issue warnings to spammers or those who post plagiarised contents, answering this question will help us do our jobs effectively. As we're kind of handling security and public relations at the same time.

Here are my 3D designs for steemjet logo, I hope you like it sir @dimimp







On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem

The SteemJet community is definitely having fun on the Steem blockchain. Loads of initiative are been carried out and i'm proud to be a part of it. This is of course due to the creation of the space forces. You are Great!

STEEMJET WRITING CONTEST: A Proposal for Short stories and Poems contests


Warm greetings to everyone on the @steemjet community. We are steadily becoming one of the biggest community here on steemit and it is a very remarkable feat. The strength of a community lies in the collective effort of both the it's members and leaders and @dimimp has proven to be a caring leader who believes in selflessness. One of the primary aim of steemjet is the global adoption of steem. We have so many ways of going about this process and Music is definitely a way we can pass our message to the world. The music department is really doing a great deal as we presently have the steemjetmusic contest presently going on and also the steemcrooners band and I am