36 versus 54 (english version)


That's not her pants size versus mine, although that's certainly true, that's the number of posts tagged with #deutsch in the last 24 hours on Steem or Hive. It's weekend, no sunny weather and also going out is not as problem-free as in the past time.


@satren has published a list of german speaking accounts a few hours ago with about 170 names, I did the same two years ago with 243 names and since my account creation in August 2016 I have followed over 500 people, most of them german speaking.

Where have they all gone?

Most of them came because they wanted to write and post. Where are they posting now, the interest will not have dried up?
They post where they don't get anything for their work and where they usually even had to give up their rights to their pictures.

How did it come to this?

In the beginning it was often said that Facebook is no longer relevant and Twitter and Youtube are no longer needed too. The freedom of censorship was lifted to heaven here, the unleashed creativity too.


Well, we know it turned out differently.

  • about censorship i wont say anything because it damages my balance and my reputation. So I'll shut up.
  • instead of having your own messenger has telegram here, instead of your own chat has discord here, instead of your own cloud has ....here
  • Meanwhile you need a key manager to use all the particular services of the chain, lately even two of them.

Launched as a tiger and landed as fuzz on a bedside rug

On the positive side, nothing has changed for the worse here in the last almost 4 years, the market price is largely the same and so is market penetration.
Is it still worth investing time here?
I don't know, when I look at the past time it has been worthwhile for me financially. But these times are over because the hope to become big and to profit from it is gone.

I still have hope that some of the talented developers here will recognize the potential of this block chain and maybe even create a really good tool from Steempeak / Peakd. Good approaches are already there.
What I wish for:

  • link list to other frontends
  • Integration of special front ends like Bravo or this Map
  • Integration of non-youtube videos
  • comprehensive posting not only on Steem and Hive, but also in a similar way by social media managing software/apps to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google and many others
  • Integration of autovoting and comments
  • Apps for mobile devices (Apple, Android)

Hope dies last

I am writing so I still hope

PS. I like the hotpants picture as a teaser and I chose flowers because they look quite nice at first sight, even if only for a short time, but even then they don't move forward or have something to say.

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