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These type of downvotes strike every now and then out of nowhere and usually I simply ignore them. In this example they were dropped on my article

I would really love to understand what caused the people behind these to downvote just to get an understanding for what wasn't to their liking or worse.

Interestingly enough usually these downvotes seem to come from specialized "downvote-accounts" that haven't shared any content or posted something maybe a long time ago.

But after all these surely are "alt's" of some other Steemian.

I'm not interested in "pay-back" actions, this is some really weak behavior trying to get back at someone who has placed a downvote imo, and I know it's part of this platform here to allow for downvotes.

I don't like to whole downvoting thing at all because the potential for misuse outwheighs the advantages of "policing" content (this especially really has super bad taste to me. My stupid brain immediately slips into "Stasi" or alike associations), "teaching" someone a lesson that has used the wrong tag or because someone simply didn't like what someone else has shared for whatever reason.

I thought it would be enough to simply not give an upvote if I don't like a content.

The whole "protecting" the "pool"... well I don't think it's really working.

These downvotes mostly didn't even have an really deep impact on my author payouts but I must admit they start to piss me off!

If that was the intention of the downvoters, well done!

It's not that I'm making substantial returns here on STEEM. I could probably drop my content somewhere else and deal with the regular feedback without seeing some downvotes

These are my 2 sats on this... Had to get it off of my chest!

So, now downvote away anonymous downvoters!

Really, I would love to hear/read what you are thinking about this! Please let me know in the comments!


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I got hit by the downvote loser @camillesteemer and get pretty consistent downvotes on every post I make. I know it's insignificant effect on payouts but it has to have an effect on the post somehow.

Serial downvote accounts are a plight on the system and a barrier to mass adoption in my opinion. No regular social media type is going to stay on a platform that has that type of abuse power.


Hello @

thanks for your comment!

Yep, @camillesteamer targets the platform and all users as a whole because he/or his group beliefs that #STEEM is scammy.

The downvotes that hit me here come from another kind of "policing" content. This guy (@
mmmmkkkk311), his service "" and his regarding bot accounts target vote trading services.

In his own words (so seen on his profile):

"Vote trading circles are worse than bidbots, downvoting posts upvoted by SBI farm, upvotebuilders etc ..."

In fact I'm using SBI (steem basic income) because I find the idea great and I've enlisted hundreds of other accounts that I follow as a form of giveback to those who share their content, beyond an upvote with longer lasting effects.

He see's this as an abuse of the pool and obviously he has a following and supporters that share his opinion. Check out the delegations he received via for instance.

So, he's not allone with his belief it seems.

I have not further researched this so far but at first glance he might be "cherry picking" those he hit's with downvotes tho. The still ongoing other abuses of the pool by self-upvotes, mostly used by some big gun accounts on here doesn't seem to bother him for instance and a lot of other things were people try to maximize their returns on their SP aren't touched by him either.

A service alike SBI, Upvotebuilders, has given up already due to his downvotes and he even shared this post by resteeming it.

Check this post about this:

So tbh I'm not sure what to make of this. I cannot see an abuse of the pool by SBI.

But I'm absolutely with you when you say that this is an abuse of power and that regular social media will have a hard time accepting such abuse possibilities.

I'll keep an eye on this and others that feel the need to build structures and organize "policing content by downvotes".

For now I'll accept it as an anomaly, like many others, on here. When it starts bothering me too much I'll reconsider taking a stand or just letting it slide and closing shop on here. I really got more important things in my life to do than too play around with some that "Stasi" around on here.

But I cannot help myself other than to question if he believes that he's doing something for some kind "of greater good" for STEEM. I guess a lot of fellow steemians might also come to the conclusion "what the heck" and might leave STEEM.

Onboarding new people in such an toxic environment is hard I guess. How should I, or any other steemian, explain n00bs what is going on here and how they can try to steer clear of such BS.

At the end of the day people want to share and consume content and if there's a chance of getting some returns, which would have been a big plus in contrast to other platforms
that's great. If this is compromised by people like this guy... he'll soon have a much easier job because there wont be much people left on here to downvote... for whatever reason.

At least downvotes should be coupled to active posting accounts.

It's kind of sad how shortsighted some are. Enabling the free downvotes has been one of the biggest mistakes on here I believe.


I think you are right with that simple idea that if something is not to the liking of the person who reads, it simply does not give a vote and now, it is also valid and highly recommended to comment and let us know if we do not agree (of course, provided that we consider that the other poarte may be willing to constructive duty).

I did not like the idea of ​​downvote, but I did not worry because it did not affect me much, however, I have found a series of negative votes that always come from the same accounts ... already out of curiosity I went to see that they were going , because as they did not comment anything I could not know what was in my post that caused them so much rejection ...

Well, I found that I was not the only one who received their negative votes, those accounts only issued negative votes indiscriminately.

That is very annoying and I would like in some future a rule to be created that if an account only emits negative votes and does not generate any of its own content, it will be vetoed for a while to calm down and reflect.

Well, that is a bit of a crazy desire because it can lead to a kind of censorship ... what a mess, bots of repeated negative votes bots bother me, but I don't want to end up supporting something that restricts your freedom of expression ...


Hello @pedrobrito2004,

thank you very much for your thoughtful comment!

I'm absolutely with you on this 100%! Tbh... I don't know if there should be anything done about this and I wouldn't know what to do!

In this case some further research made very clear why @mmmmkkkk311 and his (I assume) bot accounts flagged me down!


He targets "vote trading circles" like SBI (Steem basic income) in which I'm enlisted and to which I've delegated some SP.


So, yes I understand why he spreads these downvotes but I do not share his opinion that these voting circles pose a negative, exploitative factor on #STEEM.

When you look at the big guns on here most of them are using SBI alike a lot of smaller accounts too.

I haven't researched this thoroughly but I'm not so sure if @mmmmkkkk311 flags posts of the big accounts too especially because a lot of them are still doing the self-upvote thing too.

So I guess I'll have to agree to disagree with @mmmmkkkk311 because I think it's his good right to be dismissive of voting circles.

On the other hand I see the frustration of many with this kind of downvoting motive and, I asked this before in the article, how can we expect new people to come on board with such imho negative, lingering issues on here? I'm pretty sure that n00bs on here will be very frustrated if hit by downvotes that even strike with the argument that the downvoter is protecting the #STEEM resources.

If I would drop my delegation to SBI I would lose about 50% of my authors returns on the stuff I share here which clearly isn't an substantial return anyways. So yes, I could do this but I liked the idea of SBI very much and I've enlisted quite a number of fellow Steemians into SBI.

It's will stay a dilemma I guess!

I'll just go on doing what I do for the foreseeable future and take the occasional, maybe even now regular, downvotes from people like @mmmmkkkk311 I guess.

Have a nice Sunday!



It's a nuisance about "negative vote only" accounts but I guess I can't do much and I'll have to live with them annoying.


Yes, same here!

For this and other activities, some criminal I am leaving Steemit. I quit a few months ago and will be gone when I am sure I have taken the last penny out of my wallet. The people who doing this are the people that sucked all the money out early and sold all steem. they murdered Steemit.

Go here to see who the asses are that are downvoting you...


Hello @anothervoice,

thank you for your comment!

Ah, shit! I hate it when people feel they have to leave #STEEM because I really thought it is/was an great idea with many positive things about it!

Sure, everywhere a project leaves room for exploitation you'll find some that couldn't care less and will do their thing not giving a f'ck about others.

I still see some chances for #STEEM but it seems to be an tough, uphill battle for this blockchain.

If it would've been for the money I could dropped the little I've invested in here into something else, which I in parallel do all the time crypto wise, I'm weekly DCAing into Bitcoin for a few years now like clockwork.

But I liked the idea of the social media aspect on here uncensored, unmnutable and so on besides all the other stuff that comes with it which makes it stand out from many other crypto projects.

What I see here again and again is the misuse of power again and again. There were so many things in focus of the recent changes and maybe it's to early to judge, but my feeling is that you are not alone with wanting to leave #STEEM I'm afraid.

The selve-upvoting is is still going on, the same "rope-teams" are doing their thing like before and especially the down voting stuff makes a lot of people angry I guess.

How the hell can we expect onboarding new people on here when the "STEEM-OGs", like you surely are, are leaving #STEEM.


Well, again thanks for your comment and not matter if on or off STEEM I wish you much success!



I really hope you won't give up. There are always some difficult people, regardless where you are.

However you're surrounded by many positive and supportive people right here. And that's what matters the most (long term).



Hello Piotr,

Thank you for your comment!

For now I have no plans to give up! I've vented a little and it already feels better. ;-)

Still, this is bothering me tbh. I'm a small account and it's not that I'm doing this for "big" returns. But when even my relatively small rewards get targeted by people that feel the need to police content for whatever reasons, these recent downvotes come from a guy who targets SBI users, it's pretty frustrating.

But whatever... I'm very much aware of much of the positivity on here!


Hi @doifeellucky

Definitely a very unpleasant situation those downvotes, never find sense.
I think that if I don't like something I just don't give it a positive vote and I ignore it, I think it's better than delivering downvotes,

And the worst thing is that those who emit that downvotes, gain absolutely nothing. then why do it.?

Greetings from Venezuela


Hello @lanzjoseg,

thank you for your comment!

I agree 100%!

I don't get it either. I listened to some of the big guns on here that are in favor of this.

Sorry, I still don't like it!

I wish you a great weekend!


Hi @doifeellucky

I've read about some particular user, who is most likely behind those accounts and he is targeting people using SBI (steem basic income). Are you perhaps using this service?

I'm not interested in "pay-back" actions, this is some really weak behavior trying to get back at someone who has placed a downvote imo, and I know it's part of this platform here to allow for downvotes.

Unfortunatelly there is many users who abuse their downvoting abilities, without any ways of countering their actions :/

"teaching" someone a lesson that has used the wrong tag or because someone simply didn't like what someone else has shared for whatever reason.

not only that. by downvoting you're also disagreeing with all those who decided to upvote particular content in the first place. and downvoting is destrying their curation reward.

I will share your post with our small @project.hope group and hopefully it will bring your publication some extra visibility.

Upvote on the way,
yours Piotr


Hello Piotr,

thank you very much for your thoughtful comment! (I don't know why I felt the need to place thoughtful here... they always are! ;-)).

It's a dilemma imo. I would fight to protect the right of this user to voice his opinion even if I'm not sharing his belief.

So, I will just agree to disagree with him! Yes I am using SBI because I liked the idea behind this project and I have enlisted quite a few fellow Steemians as well!

I don't think that this is as negative as bid bots or self-upvoting but he may have a point here that voting circles come close to such services and methods.

But, what is his plan here? To penalize all that are regularly upvoting content of befriended authors? Well, if so he has a lot to do because I guess that the majority of upvotes are distributed in such a manner because others won't even get the visibility on their content if not from befriended/followed accounts I'm afraid.

I'll just accept this and move on I guess! If he sees the need to downvote my stuff because I am using SBI... so be it.



Hello Piotr,

I've dug a little deeper to find out which accounts support this guy and his crusade.

Very interesting to take a look on the delegations structure of this account.

I wonder how many people that are struck by his downvotes think about his attack surface since he isn't posting anything and might be immune to downvotes in that regard.

What would be more obvious than striking those who are supporting him?

Hmh... I won't do that though... but I'd love to hear what other by him targeted accounts think about his actions I've dropped an comment in that matter on one of the last SBI articles as well.


Ah! Now I found out what makes this guy @mmmmkkkk311 here think he needs to downvote!



Well, Ok! He thinks he needs to fight people that have enlisted into SBI. Now I understand.

I wonder how this guy would enjoy being enlisted into SBI?

Hello @theycallmedan!

This guy here @mmmmkkkk311 targets SBI enlisted people with his downvotes. One of the many examples of misusing downvotes imo.

He doesn't seem to give a flying f'ck for selfupvoters of big bucks users of upvote services. He's after the little guys. SMH af.

Check out his replies...