Family and chracter is really important in life

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. Life is very short no any time of death. Every time can become a time of death. Yes there are most importance of life but many peoples have not take care of their lifes. Warship of relegion
Today I want to tell you about life.

Life is really important plbut sone things are very important for good life .
Life is not the name of live . The good life is the name of chrachters and relations in our life. Every person have a family which includes mother , father , sister , brother and wife and baby too. But sum have not someone and have some one . I have every one in my family. So God give me every thing of world.

Relations and chracters are really important but
Charachter is most important then relations and money and every thing . Yes iam right good character is really important in society . Good man can live after death in this world . Yes he is living in our heart our minds and around us like invisible. But bad person die after die for ever.
Thanks @dolphen

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