We can live alive after death. And live for ever if we have good chracter before death.

3년 전

Hy guys how are you iam fine and I hope you all are fine . Life is very short no any time of death. Every time can become a time of death. Yes there are most importance of life but many peoples have not take care of their lifes. Today I want to tell you about life.


Life is not the name of live . The good life is the name of chrachters and relations in our life. Every person have a family which includes mother , father , sister , brother and wife and baby too. But sum have not someone and have some one . I have every one in my family. So God give me every thing of world.
Charachter is most important then relations and money and every thing . Yes iam right good character is really important in society . Good man can live after death in this world . Yes he is living in our heart our minds and around us like invisible. But bad person die after die for ever.
Thanks @dolphen

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