Pins And Needles


Most modern firearm replicas/airsoft models are made to have a tool-less disassembly. This leads to a reliance on pins and quick-detach fasteners of various sorts. Sometimes these little things can get dropped and lost to the wilderness if one is not too careful with them. In some cases the pins that match 1:1 are relatively expensive compared to readily available pins, or are extremely hard to find. Such is the case with my old MP5k gbb. It didn’t like other aftermarket pins, it preferred what it came with. I got my hands on a bunch of different MP5 pins and not a single one fit like it was supposed to. Even the ones that were close didn’t work because they’d throw off function of the gun because of tolerance. Pain in the ass, I know, but it was too fun of a gun to quit looking. I eventually found a junked version of it and used the pins from the part gun and they worked as they should’ve. Hell yeah!

That experience pushed me to start yet another new project called PAN. Pins And Needles is a project that we’ll use to get customers pins that are specifically made for their guns. We will get their measurements that they want, throw them into our established templates we made for various guns, slice and obtain the g-code, and send it to the printer. An hour or two later, we’ve got the order ready to ship!

The pins will be a combination of good looking, cheap, strong, and long lasting. The customer can choose three of the four choices for their pins, or all four choices for a slightly higher price. This is mostly because of the time and material factor. More refined prints take longer and use more filament.

I have high hopes for this little project of ours! Thanks for reading, my friends, have a great weekend!


A set of prototype-stage 2 of 4 printed G36 pins.

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