Does The Words "Wealthy As Hell" mean something to you.... Well Steemit Can Make That Promise...


I see now that the major outlook for steem on my account equals wealth. If you look at the major bitcoin market cap and look at the potential of the Steem block-chain you would see a very similar trend of supply and demand. I love using this platform as I claim curation rewards, still don't have a lot of post up-votes but I know that will change overtime. I know if I keep this up in the future I'll have a lot of power in the cryptocurrency space. Hey maybe I'll even start my own Dapp or block-chain project that will actually make a difference in the world we live in. I know a lot of people fell the same way if they look from the perspective of future coin growth. If you feel the same way to these claims start a conversation I would like to hear peoples ideologies on their crypto related knowledge. Thanks @durianwalker.

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