How Much Steem Do You Really Need To Be Wealthy!!!!!

2년 전

I don't know the future of Steem because I don't have a crystal ball, but one thing is for sure allot has changed. If you ask me Steem is a very powerful concept and inception. But what I thought would make me rich in the future is slowly dwindling in the aspect of Steem being called a dead coin. Why? The main answer is lack of communication and personal interest. If you were to have a son and you and him fall out in later years would you discontinue all communication when he needed support? Answer I don't think so. So why do communities do this to each other, this ignorance is astounding in our world. If you ask me I just have love for both platforms steemit and hive but who do I stick with in these times. I couldn't tell you all I know is on both platforms I will continue to blog and get my message out there and keep motivating the crypto community. @durianwalker

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