My Outlook For The Crypto Community!!!


Yes we have finally made a benchmark on our future growth within crypto. If you are a Steemit user or Steem block-chain user all worries are gone. You know it just dawned on me today that some individuals don't see the potential this block-chain technology posses and creates. If you like me you should know that bitcoin and the likes cannot be stopped, and the whole "oh well it's just a bubble like the dotcom" well web 3.0 is here to stay. I feel that there is a lot of hatred towards this inception that people don't get, Why? well for one their afraid of losing their conventional thinking that a safe stock will reap them rewards in the future and build their nest egg after retirement. I can tell you I have never seen a technology that has conquered like block-chain, I mean what other transaction system has 3 second transaction speeds and is trust-less with cryptography behind it? The answer NOTHING but block-chain and Cryptocrrency. If you have the time sit back and read the whitepaper for bitcoin produced by Satoshi Nakamoto and you will be baffled. If you have any constructive criticism please go ahead and leave a reply Peace @durianwalker.

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