Was The Bitcoin Halving Paying It Forward Or Are We Waiting In Vain? Steem's Potential....


It's no doubt already that steem is highly undervalued but the question is, will bitcoin boost the price worth of steem? I can see a trend that occurs when bitcoin pumps in value that altcoins seem to follow suit. But when will bitcoin surge? and how much will bitcoin's value be. It seems like it's once again the scenario of don't believe the hype. But is it really hype when all the technicals show bitcoin on a straight uptrend. I feel steem's growth will come from a technological breakthrough like the system it's tied to now. If social media can stay decentralized we will see this coin breakthrough and make a lot of people rich. If someone told you that web 3.0 is a mistake they are wrong when the blockchain can't be stopped in any way there is a big store for value (especially when supply and demand are in play). I actually really respect this technology and understand that the potential of this block chain will only bring benefits, how much I don't know but in future post we will investigate. If you like this topic write a reply so we as users can get an insider opinion on this great platform and others.

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