What A Kind Of Thing When Crypto Makes You Independent!!!

2년 전

I think independence is something we all need in life. Don't get where I'm coming from? picture yourself actually making whale money (if you're not already a whale), wouldn't it be great to be getting $100 rewards per post? Wouldn't that separate you from the mass population of wage earners? I think it would and I bet you, it would leave you in a position of whats called financial freedom instead of slaving for what they call the "man". See independence is great for the lucky individuals who obtain it. And this is not just a financial thing too it is as well a mind state, sometimes you just have to agree with yourself that your socially independent and work with what you have to make things happen for you. I urge everyone who is struggling online to free themselves from the slave mentality and work with there inner self to gain what is obtainable for themselves. Thanks @durianwalker.

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