What A Past Few Days... Curation Rewards Are Going Up And That's A Good Thing!!!


Well my efforts of collecting Steem rewards has paid off significantly with more curation rewards coming my way I fell good. It's pleasant to see that my account is growing and I know I have a back up plan in regards to relying on my blog. The more Steem I mine the more assurance I get that my en devour is going well. I really want to thank the Steemit community for having an interest in what I write and the ideas I express. What to do now? Well I'll just keep this path going knowing that I can actually make a positive influence to the Steem community. If you feel your ever stuck just keep pressing on and you will get the support trust me. I have one other speculation about the price of steem but I'll address that in another post when I investigate what's going on with the steem price. Anyways nice connecting and Steemians keep Steeming.Peace @durianwalker.

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