Where In God's Name Is Everyone Running To... Steem Is Still A Go Too...

2년 전

Well if your like me you may realize people think this steem blockchain is a mere joke. This here people is most likely one of the only opportunities to make a substantial difference in your wallet. Whether your stuck thinking gold or equities as an asset class you want to pursue think again. This coin here is about to blow through the roof and hey everyone is waiting on the sidelines trying to get in, mean while you have this great platform in your hand ready to get exploited in a good way that is healthy in a brand new industry. I mean no harm in warning you not to give up steem, reason why I'm really looking towards the future and seeing the price of bitcoin to lead the way as other altcoins follow suit. Yes you can go to hive and follow all the propaganda but put the politics away and look at the fundamentals that's all I'm saying. Realize the position your in, hey steem is still a top cryptocurrency and as the merge of tron coming to the blockchain speculators will be proven wrong once again. That's all for now, think these words through and you'll come to your senses "you'll see". Peace @durianwalker

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