Why More Steem Means More Power....Truthfully!!


Yes It's true ladies and gentlemen if there's one thing the top crypto makers wan't it's power. Now from my perspective everything in the Block-chain industry comes internal with power over the users, and people will go all lengths to get it. I've noticed this trend take place over the last couple of years as adoption has grown. But you say "hey money is power". Yes and No, you can have money but it will come with a lot of negatives (depending on what your in it for), and the plus side if your ethical you can have money with no problem. Now back to the subject. I ask myself were do Morales lye when you have so much that your ego takes over and your not thinking consciously and logical, where do you draw the line. Hey people have lost a lot in this cryptocurrency industry and I'm not just talking about monetary aspects but also their freedom. For what a quick buck. I noticed my account grow and grow and said to myself (basically a wake up call) "holy jumping jacks is this real?" and I analyzed, and analyzed and said their is potential for me someday to contribute to the crypto community and make a living. This whole economy has so much opportunity and in many sectors at that too. If you feel send some constructive criticism my way and tell me how you feel about steem as a gateway to opportunity and power. Thanks @durianwalker.

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