Why Poor Is Just Your Mindset..... Gear Your Mind To Viable Trends!!!!


When you think of poor you think there is no way out, but this has been proven to not actually be the case. Say you had massive land but didn't know what to do with it. What would be the solution? maybe you might network or find someone who has knowledge of the land you obtained. My thought would be to first get the tools to do or make what I needed manifest. Well my friends that tool we and most of us need is right in front of us, what is it the internet. With so much going on right now people don't see this strong tool as a means to actually tap into a wealth of information that can reap good rewards in the long run. Forget what anyone told you this tool is and will always be a means to help your future "IF" you think positive. I'v been using steemit and steem as my tool to accomplish things I wouldn't have imagined (in regards to rewards and mining). As long as web 3.0 is here I will not be out of touch with the beautiful people on this platform and any other social media network. Whether you like reddit, facebook or instagram, use these tools to make something out of your time as there is a vast opportunity for everyone in this world. That's it for today Thanks @durianwalker

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