Wow Bitcoin Halving Too Make 1000% Gains Whats Next!!!!


I know it seems ridicoulos but it is possible bitcoin could reach 6 digit returns, is it possible? Well the way bitcoin has performed in the past I highly doubt a return like that not coming to past. I really know that the technology is young but thus far I think we all know that this digitalized currency has potential without threats to it's core. If you've been following the market Bitcoin is king in this digital economy. Also the thing that baffles me is almost all other altcoins follow suite. I'm in Steem for the long run and just as long as Steem has tradeable value and their is a market for it we should see steem rise as well. Thanks to the Steem community this is very likely to be a incepted event. If you like my posts don't be afraid to leave a reply and start a conversation. Thanks @durianwalker.

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