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Have YOU ever dreamed of becoming a (multi) millionaire? Yes? Well you're the fortunate one to be reading this, read more down below!

Teens and adults
So you're a teen or anyone else and you want to earn a good buck while going to school or work? Than read closely.

This is me
So I'm new to this platform, just turned 17 and my name is Ryan. I'm not even close to being a millionaire, but I've got some tips for you to become rich with hard work and dedication. It's crypto and just normal buy/sell related.

Background information
So I started my own business when I was only 16 years old, I've been running it for about 5 months now. Not really serious due to school but I make good money. This is not the only way I earn a substantial amount of money, I also flip, buy & sell stuff and I'm going back to work!

My wallet
My total earnings a month are at this point: €1.000,- from flipping, €200,- a month from my business and when I go back working I'll earn another €400,- a month by just working at the weekends.

So my total grows with €1.600,- each month, not bad as I say so myself! But how do you turn this €1.600,- a month into €1.000.000,-?

Quite a simple trick!
It's actually quite a simple plan and related to Steem, you'll have to do the following: get a lot of savings, but don't let it sit make it work for you. If you've got a big saving (around €5.000,-), put as much as you can in, a stable cryptocoin/token trade site with offline servers that keep your money safe during an attack from hackers. Invest all the €5k into Steem when Steem is at 14cents, because I've found a pattern with Steem. Steem is a rubberbanding crypto, it goes up high, goes faster down and recovers in some days. Sell it at around 20cts each. You just made 5-6cts off of every Steem you had which makes your investment worth around €6,5k.

Eat Trade Sleep Repeat
Just repeat the same thing over and over again with your money until you got around €100k.
Invest all your money into houses and start renting them out and flipping, when you've got a lot of profit just do the steem thing again, it will grow exponential.

Yes, you finally made it! You're now a millionaire, go get some rest and keep on the good work. Just go explore the world while you're just trading Steem and make new memories with your friends. It's a hard grind at the beginning, but iknow we can all make it with Steem, that's why I'm sharing this scheme.

*This is no advice in anyway and just a prediction/scheme I made.

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