Forex Trading LIVE !!!! || Will be starting in a couple of days.

4년 전

Hi Everyone,

This is your friend and brother, EARTHION.


As you all may know I am a Forex trader, but the reality is I only trade in Demo accounts, like in the verious contest that are run by many brokers. Some of them are :

  • FBS Demo race
  • Tickmill Demo Race
  • Roboforex Trade Day
  • Ayrex Binary Contest ( 1 Hour )
  • and many more.

Uptill now I have won about $300+ in this contest without investing a single penny. Now I want to take my trading to the next level.

In a couple of days, I will be starting a Discord Server where I will post my trades LIVE for everyone to see and follow it, remeber these trades are of my REAL ACCOUNTS. I am profitable on 73% of my trades. In this Discord Server you are free to give your decisions or ask any questions to me. If I know the answer I will definetely tell it to you, if I don't I am sorry but you can try google instead.

So wish me luck for my upcoming days, Have a Good Day and enjoy steemit.

If you have any query comment below I will answer it soon.

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Hello earthion
Are you also trading the cryptos?
I'm really interested to learn new method of trading which are working on the cryptos market.


Currently, No cause in the Crypto Pumps and Dumps happen that seriously hurt trading capitals.

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Thanks MSP


Thats good i m also a forex n crypto trader as wll , i will try to join your channel on discord once it start , best of luck brother take care

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