The Circle of Thoughts: Steem, Dtube, Dlive

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Hi, to begin with:

This post was inspired by a comment on Dtube's post about its rising money efforts:
dtube circle.png

i decided to not post this as a response because its worth to touch this matter on its own.

Little background on how i think nowdays:

  • I don't care about steem or any other of social blockchain tech's or any other social tech.
  • I'm writing this just because i feel an urge to throw my 2 cents, and maybe start a discussion.
  • By writing that comment i realized i can write stuff easily in english and i have alot of time on hand so why not start a discussion that can potencially make this platform worthwile.
  • I'm bald with statements here as i don't care about my steem, nor my accounts nor if i get destroyed by dtube for rising my thoughts, as long as this whole blockchain is not re-done i could care less.
  • all credit goes to the dude in screenshot, he inspired me to do anything here tbh.
  • I'm native polish, I learned english by consuming tons of content in english so beware sometimes my vocabulary and spelling might be off, and i apologize for that in advance.
  • This is a discussion starter, my own thoughts, its meant to provoke discussion, i might be wrong as anyone here, on any matter i touched, i'm not an oracle and so are not anyone here. Take a grain of salt with you, i would love to be the one who is wrong here, as i would really love to have a platform to invest time to build content, build the platform, and build my future.


The case of Dlive. A platform that being just started got twice the power of Dtube in a matter of ~2 months?
Whats up with that alltogether? And the backstab ? How much money they had to drain, to buy the biggest worldwide star ever? Pewdiepie? Pewdie is the biggest global influencer, anyone thought how much that would have cost those thiefs to buy pewds?! Its even unberable to think of that insane amounts of money.

Remember dlive did indeed need to dump that money into market to take it away?

And in the meantime Steem itself was not doing backups in from of fiat....

Whats up with all this? Major fkup like this.... its just so insane to even consider it was spontaneus. Am i insane or just plain stupid?


The platform is a legit circle of upvoting the bros. I can't imagine denying that when i was for couple months in the trenches of uploading to dtube only to see all of this happenning before my eyes. Like the dude that inspired this writing.

Dtube promotes mostly content that has near zero quality, near zero effort to make, zero skills to produce, redundant and often stolen / or cleverly plagiarized.

How is that even a thing on a social blockchain that is supposed to award the opposite of the mentioned above?!

Other that, designed for awarding circle of bros who spam stuff, and giving some occasionally to bypassers so it won't be too suspicious .

All just to drain steem.

DTube exacly like Dlive imho has no value and is a parasite in this version. A very clever and cautious one.
Dlive was a mere thief, but Dtube is a parasite that wants to stay.

Thief grabs what he can and runs. Thus the price to know who he, while might be hefty, is limited to one event.
Parasite uses all his means to steal for the long run and make a symbiotic relationship with its host, even tho he damages the host little by litte the host doesn't know what is really going on.

Symbiosis is made here with steem very simple.
Dtube offers video uploads. Thats it.
Steem anticipates that the parasite will grow in size and eventully flourish into a full grown independent entity while still being attached to steem, so steem can have a ROI.

Thats nuts.

All decisions made by the owners are completely nuts.

No transparency in decisions on a transparent centralized blockchain platform? am I missing something?

Why the decisions sound so absurdly stupid i can't imagine being really made in real world?

Unless we don't know something here....

Well the funny part is we don't know anything. The whole steem is managed under the table with tech sustaining the blockchain being kept to closed doors only. Even tho at start it was heavily mined ?!?!


Steem : we make social blockchain tech happen
Logic: am i a joke to you?

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Hi @eathekaos,
That was very kind of you to add me as the beneficiary on this post. Thank you.

I was unaware that you made a post on this topic or I would have commented sooner. You bring up some good points here about the Steem ecosystem. Dlive definitely impacted Steem in a negative way with their snatch and grab move, but in the big scheme of things I do not see it as a major impact on Steem. (at least in the long run.)

Dtube definitely seems to only vote a select "in group" which is very discouraging to users who are trying to create a vlog of any type. It's certainly disheartening to musicians who pour their heart out into their music and get zilch from the platform.

In my humble opinion @threespeak is the best for vlogging (and the newest.). They are very fair with curating, and despite having to pay a monthly premium (a pretty low one), you will generally make your monthly investment back in 1-3 uploads (depending on whether or not they curate you, and/or how big of a vote.) Overall they seem very fair to me, and some long time motivated Steemians who believe in Steem are involved in the project.

Consistency is pretty important too. I've not created any videos in some time now, but I try to post at least a couple of times a week. Some are able to do it daily, but for some of us that is kind of tough.

Yeah there was a pretty heavy pre-mine, which many have an issue with, but.. Not much we can do about it, and with enough effort and engagement there is an opportunity here for us to make some decent Steem rewards. If Steem ever moons it will have been worth it to many of us who've worked hard at it, and if not.. Well everything in life is calculated risks and learning experiences, so no regrets :)

Thanks again friend.

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