EXODE: A Space Colonization Game, coming to HIVE


The time has now come to reveal EXODE to you!

It is a space game. It is a strategy game.

It is a collectible game, powered by the STEEM blockchain now HIVE blockchain (corrected now: the HIVE blockchain! original post was made before the HIVE announcement, since then we've moved ).
, as creator decided to join the new front).
It is an incredible passion also as the first concepts about this game were born years ago.

EXODE's website opens at the end of this month.
I have so much to share with you before!

EXODE may be a full universe and so many more things, but what will it be to you?

To you I want it to be a fun, strategic browser game, with a deep gameplay inside and many original things to enjoy.

If you want to watch something, well then I am happy to share this introduction video of all EXODE concepts. I would strongly advise to watch it in HD and fullscreen!

The video uses soundtrack by our composer Zero-project.
Yup, it's not some youtube-freebie-commercial-music. But the real thing.

So, ok, the concepts are there above.
But I also want EXODE to be very valuable assets to purchase and sell in a player market.

This market will be available very early in the process, even before the game itself is playable.

I think a game only becomes reliable once a market is there; because a market guarantees that you can opt into the game, and opt out of it, and even gain money in the process.

If you are a reader, there is a lot more to find in our FAQ. You may check EXODE's wiki to enjoy the history of its fictional universe or information and the gameplay of EXODE. I also hope to release new EXODE Webzines but right now, I'll have to code some more.

If you are a socializer? then you may of course head to our Discord!
It's comfy right now, the perfect place to settle into and enjoy some friendship.

I am making this game because I believe in STEEM.
As I just mentioned on our Discord, recent events pushed buttons in me.
It activated me as a Steem developer.

There will be a playable game soon and a published roadmap.

I hope to make our best HIVE space game to date, with exceptional features, constant players coming to HIVE from it, and no overlapping with existing games.

I know space colonization has been first tried by other Steem games, I respect the developers of it and love them, but I also think there is room for a lot more here.

Enjoy this first snippet of EXODE!
Next post is coming soon (in 2 days).

Also, don't hesitate to resteem this one!
See you soon in EXODE!

PS: Hot update. (18th March)
Following the announcement of HIVE, EXODE is moving to the HIVE blockchain!

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I'm a simple guy - I saw SPACE colonization = I will get hooked with it XD

By the way, are you the owner of this game, @elindos ?


Hello and welcome wilhb81!
Yes, I am creator and owner of this game.


Ok, already subscribed with email a moment ago.

Looking forward on the grand opening, good luck buddy :)

This is terrific. I am glad to see more games arising on Steem. This one look very interesting and very advanced.

Just recently getting into gaming, I am excited to see how this all will unfold. I will be doing some more research on the project and will put together a post for you to help spread the word.

I appreciate your dedication to Steem and look forward to helping out with making your project a success.


Thank you very much Taskmaster!

I have really been thrilled by how great the community is. I have been using STEEM for one year only (many have been there since the beginning!) but was never disappointed by its people.

Now I switch to a more active role. What happens next is entirely be thanks to all that community power; because they made me passionate about it. Steem is actually changing people: it's an exciting moment!

!giphy can't wait

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Perfect timing, since we may all be in for corona quarantine. The game looks cool from what you can see on the promo, bravo!!

Wow very highquality music and Intro...its very appealing!
How many devs are working on this project? And will there be something to invest for early investors?


Thank you @masterthematrix !

There will be major things to invest into.
Some are announced in the latest post: https://steempeak.com/steem/@elindos/exode-let-s-talk-about-features

A player market will be deployed in 8-15 days.

Packs will be sold at a price for two weeks, and then sold at double price by us, then no longer sold by us. This means, technically, players could purchase several alpha packs, and then sell some of them for value. Alpha packs are high value packs with some "Origin cards" (necessary to start a game, and giving crew and ship) you can't find later.

As for the team, this is blockchain and it deserves transparency.

I am the super-nerd-who-programs-since-he-was-8-years-old and am the lone programmer on it; but there is also a graphic artist I work with, a composer too, other artists I commission, and tech-wise I have several contacts to recruit once things take off.

@elindos I'm not into games, but I wish you lot of success for your enterprise!


Thank you Argsolver!

Reading your blog, I want to thank you for your interest in the future of STEEM.

I am confident that an additional game, with expectations to launch a client game too, will also make STEEM stronger. I am glad to receive your support!

Thanks for this information.

Hope it will be more enjoyable than steemnova and more easier than next colony. =)


I think these games chose a specific direction and left still a lot possibilities to explore; I hope that EXODE will fit in all the sweet spots you can expect!

Players receive a unique planet right in the beginning to enjoy and explore; I want them to have fun occupations, some sense of safety and friendship, while still having good valuation of their assets. There is competition, and there are aliens, and this is a blockchain game so valuation and balance are always a priority. But I want to hit the right dose of entertainment too :)

Exode looks very promising and I love the video trailer. Good job!

That trailer looks great, I love the music! Looking forward to hearing more from you! :)


Hello Okean, I am emailing this to the composer :)
He will be glad to hear this I think!

Awesome news!
Looking forward to this game.

Looks interesting. What is the gameplay going to be like?


The wiki will be more constructive to give you detailed information; but it's true it needs some updates and I'll upgrade it every day.

Answering you here is sure to leave some questions.
I'll still do my best :)

The player experiences a first original scene with the "launch". This is where he must pick the survivors to embark and the crates to load. The station takes damage and his ship too. The launch is made to be a thrilling and intense experience!

Once launched, the player may scan for planets, and choose one planet among several proposals to land to.

The combination of the launch assets, and the planet he picked, are his "unique starting conditions". Unique crew, unique passengers, unique crates. At that point, he may take some time to open some crates, inspect his citizens, and manage his first colony. Everything is okay now, and managed on his time. He "did it", the made the first escape.

When managing his colony, the player can use his crew and citizens and give them orders. It is as if he would give them missions.

Once his/her ship is repaired, the player can then explore the vast unknown!

There is a supplies market to exchange between players, and a massive PVE enemy that acts as a threat to all human colonies.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the first playable version will be a browser based version. I'll have to keep it simple because I want people to be able to experience all this soon enough.

The first game client (I mean the very first one) will have the same features as the browser; but with nice music and comfort upgrades!


Sounds interesting. It seems I played a game a few years ago, (might have been a Star Wars game), with a similarity to your choosing of a ship, planet, crew etc. Do you happen to know what game it might have been?


I don't know of any exactly similar game but here is a possibility:

The Star Wars Old Republic game (a RPG by Bioware) has companions, a starship and fun space and planetary quests.

Startrek Online has fully developed crew missions and some planetary quests too.

(edit: I don't know much about Star Wars Galaxis however, which could also fit what you described)

These follow the "old" MMORPG formula, though I believe they are great games, they require a lot of focused time.


It looks like really interesting gameplay, something that involves more than just pushing some buttons!

I'm wondering what you mean with "save your friends from certain death" in the (really awesome) trailer. Does this mean that if you're offline for some time, you'll lose all your valuables, or is there enough safety that you can also leave for some time?


You raise an interesting point here. This will update the FAQ!

First there are two different kind of resources in EXODE:

Permanent assets are never lost; when you "use them" you actually connect them to your game. If, for whatever reason, you lose your colony, your permanent assets become usable again to power up a new game (with a short cooldown). Many purchases from packs are actually permanent assets "to connect" to a game you launch.

Supplies is the other kind of resources which makes up your current colony and its resources. Supplies are actually provided thanks to the colony you settle. Supplies can be "invested" voluntarily in PVE events (such as exploration, combat, etc) and you can "wound them" (put them on cooldown) for some and lose a few consumables (food, fuel, etc) for others that you can produce.

Other specific PVE events can be triggered. This is the part you are specifically asking about; I wanted to be clear about the other content above ;-)

I think that cooperation can only happen if there is information and allowed time. This means proper informed players, not ambushed unfairly, and time to gather up and have some fun.

Aggressive events always happen with fair warning and a (long) time window. This time window allows players to gather some support. Defeating these events can net an interesting reward. Once you have your friends online, and feel ready, you can "activate" resolution of said event.

If a player expects to be offline for some time, he can activate a "stealth mode" for his colony, which depending on how well configured his colony is for all this, can make him completely immune to aggressive events for the time being. It is not necessary for just sleeping time, but can be for long holidays.

Unprepared colonies or beginning players are rather "not" immune to these events. such events are useful to wipe out fake accounts etc. This means that the older the account, the larger the time window and the easier the stealth.

This, however, can be partially nullified if a player builds an "unsafe" colony, with high production, lot of space and radio activity (=scans) but also extremely low stealth. But the players will be informed of their lack of stealth in very clear fashion.

Some origins (= character classes) give access to many passengers and are able to build large colonies, but they are warned that such colonies may be less safe in the beginning.

Such origins are recommended (and very rewarding) for a group of friends and not players alone.

Imagine a group with a Cruise Ship Captain, who has many passengers, and a friend who is an Outlaw captain with a stealthy ship. The colony from the Cruise Captain is large and unsafe in the beginning, while setting up. Whereas the Outlaw captain, with his stealthy ship, can explore more of the galaxy without triggering the alien scans and gathering some remote resources. Also, the Outlaw captain has a specific outlaw crew (hackers, etc) with some incredible skills, but that's another point.

If an alien threat comes, and they feel it is too much for them, they could still transport the colony away and settle to the new planet - stealthily thanks to the outlaw captain. That's "an escape", but it keeps you alive ;-)

Of course, if they have another friend who is a combat officer, they could study more daring options. And see if it holds once combat begins. After all, the loot can also be good.

In addition, losing is not the worst thing that could happen as it unlocks specific "legacy rewards"; the longer you survived, the better the rankings, and the Legacy Loot :-)

So, "after one lost game", you restore your Permanent Assets and you also receive an additional Legacy Loot (which can also be sold - and considering how hard they are to get, as they also depend on your character class and activity and time survived, this can have some impressive market value).

And can get ready for a new game, and see how long you last!

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This is interesting. I am gonna try this out. Followed you. :)


Thank you nirmal, I won't disappoint :)

interesting and I feel we are exploring new planets


thank you tom! I will be glad to have your feedback when exploration is revealed in more details!


yes, I love this game

Wow! Looking forward!

  ·  작년

it has a bit of nostalgic graphic and I love it. maybe I found the excuse to play games again after a decade... :)

  ·  작년

Followed, upvoted, resteemed.

I am looking forward to it.

  ·  작년

Sounds great!

Beauty game. Nice!

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This is amazing!! Also I love the trailer too :D


Thank you I am proud to read it project7!

I have to admit that the music has always made so thrilled... I will never thank the composer enough for his skills. I think he empowers the scenes so much.

  ·  작년

That vid looks really polished. Waiting to see the game!


Thank you Dalz!
edit: I will be happy to hear your feedback once more is revealed!

  ·  작년

Nice... marked for consumption.

I really interested in this but, we are leaving STEEM now. Perhaps, you like to transfer it to Hive... See you there my friend.