Idea: Verified Websites and Link Sharing on Steemit

4년 전

Steemit is an amazing platform for content creators like myself but the appeal for original content is higher than that of simple links which is understandable. But there should be a way to incorporate link sharing on this platform in a way that its a win-win situation for readers and content creators. Link sharing is no new thing to Steemit, it is quite possible but the verified website concept is.


One of the problems that come with link sharing is that, it can be done by anyone who had no hand in content creation which could defeat one of the advantages of using this platform which is to reward creators. That is the point where verified websites could have a blue little circle with a correct sign (white checked mark) attached to the account name. These sites can be given the option to post only links with no reply or descriptions.

This feature could boost sharing from various blogs, and eliminate the possibilities of users just copy and pasting content from the web without paying their dues to content creators.

Note: I have to sleep over it to make it a complete though but I could not wait. Any suggestion to how this idea could be worked on is welcomed. And I hope the developers read this.

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