RE: HF20 Update: Restoring Continuity

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HF20 Update: Restoring Continuity

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@brianphobos - Welcome to TELOS and we need BPs...

TELOS will not be like EOS and STEEM which is ruled by Whales... We both tried EOS during launch but it was ruled by Whales who blocked all others.... TELSO is aiming to be a decentralized network with no whales (at least from start).... Just run a node in TELOS and contribute in it's development to make it de-centralized...

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I'm aware of the TELOS project and support it. I'm interested in getting a BP team together for it. I'm going to have to dive into it more in the next couple of days because I'm currently on the road. Thanks!


Hello, Ok. It may go live on October 17... There was Go/No-Go vote last Friday and everyone decided that we are not yet 100% ready to go live:


It is good time to run a BP Node right now in testnet as we need some more BPs who have some competence to mange nodes and you have some experience from EOS. It does demand lot of time to keep the nodes up-to-date and running...

List of BPs in Test Net:



Note: There is on boarding process and form to fill for new joiners. I can help you to get on-board....

By the way there is also reserved about 1 millio TLOS Tokens for The Community Rewards Program