Update on my position on steem


In an earlier post, I outlined how I would continue to support communities on Steem. This post is an updated statement of my intent.

I am currently powering down my steem accounts as quickly as possible so that I reach the level of steem I want sooner. Given the current climate, I am rebalancing my investment portfolio. Once power downs are complete then I will re-delegation to my community efforts.

Many communities have migrated to Hive. Notably, MSP has moved and the @msp-makeaminnow contest will follow MSP. The @we-are project, although in hibernation, continues to support content creators here. I will soon trim the list of communities that it supports to users and communities that are active. I will have to think further about the future of @we-are and decide how much it's worth integrating with the hivemind communities. I built @we-are before hivemind communities and before the recent negativity towards community autovoters.

I am also powering down @msp-foundation and recovering the resources. I am not sure the social investment fund model that @msp-foundation uses is relevant and it hasn't been making particularly good returns lately anyway. In addition, the causes that it supported have buzzed off to Hive.

I repeat that I am not going to post my social content here while steem remains centralised.
The current chain drama is that the chain is rejecting transactions because the witnesses do not agree on what transactions are allowed. Regardless of which group of witness you think are right, us users continue to be caught in the crossfire until the witnesses come to some agreement. However, I don't hold much faith in an agreement occurring given that many of the witnesses rejecting transactions are also the ones that made pledges to protect the sanctity of private property and never freeze funds. Hypocrites they might be, but they are the witnesses and as long as there is no agreement then steem will continue to micro-fork and we users will suffer.

I recognise that there might be cultural differences, but these must be compassionately navigated if steem is be a global blockchain.

Good luck. I wish all of us users well.

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Excelente post

Thank you, @eturnerx, for your support of my work as a writer. I'm glad you enjoyed my piece about my mother country, Egypt, & hope my work will continue to keep you good company.

Cheers, Yahia

Thanks for your support @eturnerx! Other languages ​​are very difficult to receive support, it is difficult to bring more people, and make a big community... We try in many ways with @brazilians. But little by little we are walking! Thank you!


I used to support a Brazilian community mostly via @kubbyelizabeth and also my now sleeping @we-are project (@we-are-brazilians, @we-are-samerica, @we-are-one and @we-are). It's great to see how you have grown. Once my powerdowns are to the level I want, let's see if there's a way I can support your community again on this chain or the other one.


Your projects, like we-are, have always helped me. If you need any help with something, I am available. I don't know much about computers, I'm a medicine doctor. But love blockchains. I'm more here for Appics, but I'm more focused on Hive. Thanks! See you!

Respect you decision, you should feel proud of what you have done on steemit

its your stake and you use it as you see fit :)


We have a small, but growing New Zealand community on the other chain. If you'd like to join. Your call cuz.

Hi @eturnerx, hope you're doing well.

It's good to see your latest position in this whole issue. I think we have to accept that Steem will never be the Steem or even remotely like the Steem we used to know. That has gone forever. Users can either accept the new centralised Steem, which many has as they probably couldn't care less, or they can move onto a proper decentralised chain which isn't controlled by one person. I'm not saying Hive is perfect already, but the community are working very hard every day to improve it.

If you ever want to rebalance your portfolio on Hive, I'd like to recommend you take a look at Pinmapple. I don't know if I ever mentioned at SF4 I'm part of SteemitWorldMap, a map for travellers to pin their travel posts. We've rebranded ourselves as Pinmapple on Hive and have had to rebuild our support from scratch. Any support in the form of delegation or following our trail would be much appreciated as that would mean more support for our users.

Thanks in advance and take care!!


你好! 我记得你在SF4说SteemitWorldMap. I've been hearing about Pinmapple on the Hive slack, but haven't followed it up. Will definitely consider some support for it - but I'm a few weeks away from making resource allocation decisions. In case I forget, HMU then.


Definitely will do, catch you over on Hive

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@eturnerx. Gracias por su apoyo.

you are so right I agree with you

Amigo @eturnerx. Saludos desde Venezuela. Te deseo que dios te colme de muchas bendiciones, salud, exitos, logros, paz y que este año venidero puedas lograr todas tu metas.


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If I wanted to start a community, what is it that I should do first. Thanks.

YOU are brilliant!👍

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I thank you for @eturnerx who has supported me. Thanks @eturnerx. My greetings @whalewinners