How to make money

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On Steemit

The first thing you do is
Make your post interesting or perhaps controversial

Not a little

Post as many times as you can.



Encourage discussion
Comment on other's posts.


take some of the proceeds from your posts and comments
Buy SteemPower delegation.
The current rate is one Steem rents about EIGHT SPdelegation.
That increases your vote power

Vote for yourself
Your increased (delegated) SP makes your votes worth more.
Vote and comment for others too.
If someone else's post get's a BIG reward you get part of it.


some of your rewards to other Crypto
BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin...there are many to choose from.
Watch the ups and down.
buy low SELL high.


Cash out
You've just made money from Steemit.

It's a continual process.
Sometimes you win.
sometimes you loose.

If you don't play you CAN'T win.
That's how to make money on Steemit.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
If you enjoyed what you read here, create your account today and start earning FREE STEEM!
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How do you "Buy SteemPower delegation" ?


one way is to go to Blocktrades and 'buy steem power delegation'

Thanks for the advice :D

Still, i have no money to invest on SP or to buy SP delegation :(

Also, i don't really know what to post and how to get attention :/ The "getting attention" part is kinda tricky.


Post a LOT...something might stick.
when it does post more of the same.
build an audience and cater to it.

when the trolling gets tough the tough troll harder.

You make it sound so easy! My biggest problem is making the time... and debating back and forth with myself whether something I’m thinking about writing is worth putting out there.
As for commenting, I’ve seen some people comment on all sorts of posts. And it makes me wonder if they really even took in what they read and are looking to engage, or if they just quick commented something to get their name out there.
Are you really buying a house with the money you made here on steemit? Also, I’m curious what kind of posts on here you find interesting enough to read?


yup..I are buying a house using the proceeds from my posts on steemit.
I'm a voracious reader...I read fast.
I read hundreds of headlines a day, both on Steemit and the rest of the internet.
I begin to read dozens of articles....if the headline catches my attention and seem interesting.
I finish reading very few...most don't hold my attention that long, are boring, flat out wrong, or just plain stupid.

HOWEVER...if they are stupid ENOUGH.
I make a post making fun of them.

Yes...I Are an evil person.
Now you know.

Been on steemit for almost 6 months still waiting for my big break but not loosing hope, I know it will come if I keep posting quality stuff. These contests going around have benefitted me a lot during these hard times of finding an audience. Thanks for the advice @everittdmickey


You're welcome.
however..there IS no 'big break'...just a great many little ones.
the more you post the more you win.

as for 'quality'...that's subjective.
Return on Investment is objective.
Why spend hours working on something that will get the same amount of views and votes as something you only work on for a few minutes?


"lots of little breaks" this is so true...very well said. If you wait for the big break , you will miss the little ones all along the way.

Very good advice friend and I really liked the shared image, I will keep them in mind, greetings.