Voting reminder

2년 전


If not, do so now by following this link:

We are still not winning the contest and VERGE is still trying to outnumber our votes. They have not given up.

Let's make them give up today by adding thousands of new votes...

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Did this. My third vote is due in another 12 mins. We are only behind by 83 votes now.

We are getting closer and closer. I think we will make it.

Yes i did and i will do the same tomorrow

Yes I have and we are almost #1. Just shy 100 votes


Yeah, but we are over 50000 daily active accounts, and only 2000 of those voted. That's sad.


How many of those accounts are really active or just bots?....


Even if it's only actually 25000. It's still bad. We are supposed to be a big community with the same goal in mind.

me I HAVE 3 vote in day becouse I have 3 gmail
this my vote

all voted


They are logging IPs and mac adresses, so only one of your votes will count in the end (unless done on 3 different machines with dynamic IPs).


oh my god
thank you for this informations