Memo Key Can Be Dangerous


Memo Key


Hello, my Steemians :)
I'm not 100% back to Steem yet but I'm also not 100% offline ;)

In this post, I'm going to tell you about Memo Key and how can be memo key used malicious.

Most of users know that you mustn't reveal your owner key to ANYBODY!!! KEEP IT OFFLINE!!!

People also know that you should never reveal your active key, but this also happen sometimes.

But how about memo key?

Memo key is used to read encrypted memos (You can encrypt memo if you add # in front of message).

So many people believe that memo key is harmless. It's NOT true!!!
Some people even use private memo key as memo when they send funds from exchange.

Memo key is used to login to some services as Minnowbooster, Smartsteem ...

So I just check transfer history of some accounts manually and I found few private memo keys.

I found around 10 private memo keys in 30 minutes and around 10 SBD was at risk.
I know it's not big amount, but your voting power can be burned, your Smartsteem account can be used for sending spam...


Stay safe & Steem on


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It's a good reminder of how important it is to be secure, sometimes mistakes happen


yes, you are is great reminder for every person. so I am also with you.

I almost gave out my key because of a scam here on steemit. I stopped for a moment as I was typing the code and then backed out. Later I received a post that it was a scam. I was lucky. Not that I have much but still. Thank you for spreading the news about safety. A gift to you that I just finished, a digital painting of Paris cafe. Hope you like it

  ·  작년

I'm glad to hear that you got out with only a scare; think of how much worse it would have been if you had not backed out at that moment!

Memo key is used to read encrypted memos (You can encrypt memo if you add # in front of message).

I never knew about this functionality until now. This is kool. Lemme try how this works in action by sending you an encrypted memo.


Oh no! There's no way to reveal my private memo key. Something's wrong with the Steem wallet?

  ·  작년

Yes, Steemit and blocktrades, smartsteem have protection. But @bittrex don't have it.


How to decrypt my MEMO Key? The option to do that used to be there but I don't see it now.

Also, I wonder if you know Slavoj Žižek personally, or have met him in person.

  ·  작년

I think you need owner key to decrypt memo key.

I don't know Slavoj Žižek. Why?


Ahh, okay. Never mind!👌

  ·  작년

I have never really thought that the memo key can be this harmful to share, so thanks for educating me. I have some private information sent with it, so I would never share it, but I didn't even know that you can log into to Minnowbooster or Smartsteem with it.

Very helpful i mean you always got malicious users trying to find a way into user accounts but hey looks like you nipped it in the bud. I really hope this doesn't go to far. You would think in it's infancy people would bring value not corruption. thanks for the post.

How to Protect steempower

Try not to open the key memos in front of your friends!!

  ·  작년

If that's a real concern, then you might consider getting more trustworthy friends ;)


Now that's funny! – and true!

Thank you fbslo
You're always helpful
That's why I voted for you

thanks friend, @fbslo for the information

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Thank you for the warning. I don't full understand the risk yet, but will definitely check it out. I have looked at all my transactions, no keys displayed in the wallet yet....

Hey fbslo, thank you for all your precious upvotes!
Btw, i was born in Slovenija, so warm greetings to a very nice country from Tenerife! Živeli!:)

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Thanks very much for these reminders!

I just know if it's dangerous to stolen, thank you for the information.

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thanks for warning us and reminder to take care about our stuff expecially for password n key in steemit.. 👍👍

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aja buena información , estas cosas son importante saberlas

Its amazing how we are hardwired to take important things like this for granted. Eventually our brain just hears static and we make mistakes.

It can be safe. It is good to be careful.